Selection of the explosion-proof electrical equipment
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Hazardous areas are classified according to the degree of risk of explosion of high and low, gas / steam: Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2, they divided mainly depends on the release of the source (explosion dangerous source), release,glue stick of course, the place in the building structure, ventilation facilities as well as places in which natural factors will influence their divided, and even a great influence.

In the the modern petrochemical project in 2 areas account for about 60%, an area establishments accounted for about 20 to about 30%, about 50%; the old chemical companies generally Zone 1 and Zone 2 places each.glue gun Zone 0 spaces are generally limited to the oil and chemical plant or a smaller area of the outfall. For Zone 1, Zone 2 places, businesses generally in order to improve the level of security, and are willing to Zone 1 explosion-proof electrical equipment. If the application environment / place outdoors or in a slight corrosion, dust rain 2, are often willing to choose the type of explosion-proof electrical equipment protective ability, such as: increased safety explosion-proof composite "de" increased safety "e "," n "type. In addition, the temperature group willing to choose a gas ignition temperature higher than the application of environmental groups.


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