The Ministry of Commerce issued the "old electrical and electronic products flow management approach."
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  Reporters learned from the website of the Ministry of Commerce, to strengthen the management of the flow of old electrical and electronic products,glue stick promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, protecting the environment, the Ministry of Commerce announced in March 21 "old electrical and electronic products flow management approach.

    It is understood that the "measures" glue gun the contents of the concept of old electrical and electronic products, operating principles, the rights of the operators with obligations were clearly defined. "Measures for the sale of old electrical and electronic products, operators should be to the purchaser expressly product quality, performance status, maintenance, refurbishment, and the situation of the main components, non-operators posing as new products to sell refurbished products; operators shall submit to the purchaser issue a sales receipt or invoice, and shall provide free repair service for not less than three months unless otherwise agreed by the parties to the transaction; old electrical and electronic products are still three packs within the validity period, the operator should fulfill three packs of responsibility in accordance with the law; old electrical and electronic product acquisitions and sales activities carried out through the Internet, and also with reference to the implementation of this approach.
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