Hardware Power Tools stripping technology development to find opportunities
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Hardware power tool industry, belonging to the advanced equipment manufacturing, and promotion services in advanced manufacturing. Power tools are widely used in aerospace, high-speed railway construction, shipbuilding, automobile industry glue gun to improve the field of older generation equipment manufacturing industry, as well as road construction, decoration, wood processing, metal processing production. Therefore, from industry, power tools industry is high-tech industry.

    Global power tool industry,glue stick in accordance with the technical requirements for products, applications and other features can be divided into industrial grade, professional and DIY home three levels. Among them, the industrial-grade power tools products mainly used for homework places high demands on the the process accuracy or homework environmental protection, such as the field of aerospace, technically demanding, high-profit market range; DIY consumer-grade power tools used in the accuracy less demanding and continuous homework time is not long for the occasion, such as home improvement, simple decoration occasions, with low-technology, low profits.
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