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Analysis of the domestic distribution transformer short-circuit test development background

    Over the past decade, China has done a lot of power distribution transformer short-circuit tests, and for each damage case, improvements are made??, glue stick so that the pass rate of 90%, 50% pass rate than abroad is much higher, which in the actual operation of the grid has been confirmed, and achieved gratifying results. It can be said of distribution transformers against short-circuit strength of the basic solution by the "real test", which is a very important experience.

     China's lack of test power transformer base,glue gun and thus the power transformer short circuit capacity is difficult to solve. In 1986, the State Planning Commission approved the construction of Shen Yang Hu Shitai strong current test station, the test station is by the state loan was approved, please consult the French company EDF, after years of work, in late 1993 to complete the first phase of the project, the construction of the 220kV network , install 2 1200MVA / 0 ~ 224kV, acceptance by the National expert Committee, opened in January 1994, conducted in 1994 and 1995 a large number of distribution transformers test, made ??the experience began in 1996 after a 110kV class power transformer the short-circuit test.

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