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ShiYuanChun: biomass energy is still being marginalized

"China's wind power and solar power" great leap forward "type, that worries me." Held by the Chinese academy of sciences in the "1025" graduate student youth development series activity environment protection and the special green industry, member of the senate ShiYuanChun of renewable energy "1025" the plan released their own opinions.

Grid bottleneck, equipment quality, key technology and materials localization, power generation capacity and average total effect, excess capacity, it is ShiYuanChun worry about. glue gun "Wind power and solar power" jump ", whether can greatly expensive?"

The worry is not ShiYuanChun tilt at windmills. National energy bureau recently released a series of renewable energy "1025" plan goal: by 2015, wind power will reach to 100 million kw, annual generation capacity of 190 billion kilowatt-hours, including offshore wind power of 5 million kilowatts; Solar power will be 15 million kw, glue stick generating capacity in 20 billion KWH.

Renewable energy "1025" planning highlighted alternative power generation, oblivious to the oil and gas alternative, ShiYuanChun think this is a blemish.

The data shows, from 2000 to 2009, China's oil consumption, the average annual growth of 8.2%, dependence on imports up to 53.6%, is the world's third largest oil importer.

"The development of new energy's main purpose is not renewable and serious damage to the environment of the fossil energy alternative. China resources is very short of demand, alarming, external dependence high and energy security degree very low is oil and natural gas, and shall be used as the new energy alternative strategic focus." ShiYuanChun said.

According to renewable energy "1025" plan goal, by 2015, our country will try to the establishment of competitive renewable energy industry system, wind power, solar, biomass energy, solar thermal utilization and the nuclear power of fossil energy development amount to 480 million tons BiaoZhunMei.

"The biomass energy improved, but still be on edge." ShiYuanChun said, "it is neither the international trend, also do not accord with China's national conditions."

Biomass energy is a global energy for the fourth big energy. The United States in 2003 renewable energy accounted for 6% of the total energy consumption, of which nearly half of biomass energy, about 100 million tons of BiaoMei, accounting for 3% of the total energy consumption.

The annual energy outlook 2010 mentioned in the United States, and by 2035 the water and electricity renewable energy will account for 41% of the growth in electricity generation, which accounted for 49.3% of biomass power generation, wind power accounted for 37%; The consumption of fuel ethanol will account for 17% of the oil.

Our country does not contain the solar's clean energy resource for 2.148 billion tons in mining BiaoMei, including biomass accounted for 54.5%, water and electricity, the small hydropower and wind power accounted for 18.5%, 8.7% and 15.5%, nuclear power is 2.8%, and the biomass energy resource of water is 2 times of wind power and 3.5 times.

"Biomass materials, mainly from diverse forestry organic waste and marginal sex, is the only comprehensive land can replace fossil energy resources." ShiYuanChun said.

"1025" period, national energy board will promote the use of renewable energy, to 2015, in the national construction 200 green energy to be.

To this, ShiYuanChun said, opposite material energy development, will rise to solution of "agriculture, countryside and farmers" and realize the strategic height of agricultural modernization.

"If this year can be used for energy of 400 million tons of straw is developed, into power equivalent to the three gorges power station, eight farmers' income a year 800 ~ 100 billion yuan."

ShiYuanChun said, the development of biomass energy can promote the rural industrialization and urbanization, rural surplus labor transfer may nearby, narrow the gap between urban and rural areas.

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