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Industrial production in the importance of electrical automation

IWith the progress of The Times, the world began to enter the new technology revolution era. In the process of using information. First to solve is to get accurate information, modern industrial production process. With all kinds of automation equipment to monitor and control of the production process, make each equipment can work in process on a best, produce the best products. Therefore, no electrical automation development, modern production will lose foundation.glue gun Along with our country industrialization, the arrival of information age has arrived first step, if we didn't realize the industrialization, the information is more impossible, because information industrialization and closely related. Also, of course, and could not put industrialization development is very good to development information, like this will only make our development pace has more slowly so, industrial automation is will informatization and industrialization development together. Develop industrial electrical automation technology. Both the traditional industry when help, and can speed up the development of informationization. In order to realize the comprehensive China's electrical industrialization. Therefore, electrical industrial automation as our country to realize industrialization and information policies and principles, must be the top priority of the industry in China at present, our country has basically achieved the mechanization of industry, industrial electric should focus on the realization of automation is nation's traditional industry is on industrial automation technology shall be armed, can use process automation means control equipment.glue stick So that the industrialization of our country to realize automation construction, of course, because the information and management automation is the foundation of computer, software, network and information technology so their core technology is the same, so the development of industrial automation technology can promote the realization of the electrical industrialization can bring the development of informationization.

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