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Switzerland LEMO connector debut of the 2008 Beijing Olympic venues

    Switzerland LEMO connector debut of the 2008 Beijing Olympic venues

    - A perfect signal connectivity solution.

    August 8, 2008, the highly anticipated 2008 Beijing Olympic Games finally in the "Bird's Nest" had begun, hundreds of millions of television viewers watched the opening ceremony. glue stick Beijing Olympic Games is the first time in Olympic history for all to use HD broadcast sporting event, the grand high-definition broadcast images, a high degree of clarity, stereo surround, very realistic scene. But you know? When you are at home watching high-definition broadcast of the Olympic events, glue gun it is the connector from the Remo convey it all.

    As a self-locking connector plug cylindrical industry leader - Switzerland Remo (LEMO) companies in Switzerland over 60 years. Remo is a multi-Olympic Games broadcast equipment supplier of superior quality products to provide services for the Olympic broadcast.

    Since entering the China market, Remo connectors all have very good in all areas of the market. In the field of radio and television, Remo connector has a remarkable performance of the same, it will be excellent optical / electrical properties, simple and quick operation, easy maintenance and beautiful appearance perfect combination, coupled with improved pre-and after-sales service by domestic and foreign professional equipment manufacturers, system integrators and broadcasters of all ages. Seventy vehicles nationwide broadcast vehicles, 90% have used Remo connector.

    In order to broadcast high-definition television programs, the Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co., Ltd (BOB) not hesitate to choose the Remo connector. August 2007, Remo Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co., Ltd (BOB) signed the 2008 Beijing Olympic program supply agreement. The agreement includes the Beijing Olympic venues inside the fiber optic communication components (5K.03J), camera dedicated fiber optic connectors and termination services (3K.93C) and triax camera connectors and specialized welding services (REDELF, 4E, 4M ,....)。

    After almost a year, Remo all employees in the Swiss headquarters of China strong support in July 2008 completed the delivery of all orders for the broadcast of the Beijing Olympics have dedicated their work forces. The incomplete statistics, Remo provides on-site pre-laid cables all three coaxial connector (over 1600), but with the nest, including 42 competition venues, including high definition connection system (a total of 740 sets), also provided entirely by Remo.
    For the expanding Chinese market, Remo also through concrete action to demonstrate its importance, Remo Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in June 19, 2008 formally established, and with Remo Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. moved together new premises. Shanghai Jinqiao Industrial Park in China, Remo has more than 2,000 square meters of new office building the processing plant, greatly improving the cable component production capacity.

    In order to better customer service for radio and television, Remo China headquarters from Switzerland introduced a new fiber-optic polishing tools. Avoid the need for the original purchase from Remo connectors, fiber optic cable to the foreign buyers, find the trouble of factory terminated, Remo direct connection can provide a complete high-definition component, HD application is quick, simple and convenient.

    Remo China, serving the Olympic Games in support of the Olympic Games! We are very pleased that Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co., Ltd (BOB), select the connector Remo advanced, practical HD broadcast connectivity solutions, show the world an unforgettable history of sports.

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