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Laser processing technology, product and market analysis

    Laser processing technology has been supported by the state and promote the application of a high-tech, particularly the Government stressed the need to revitalize the manufacturing sector, which brought to the laser processing technology development opportunities.
    Formulation of long-term national development plans, in turn laser processing as a key supporting technology, because it involves national security,glue stick national defense, high-tech industrialization and the development of frontier science and technology, which the laser processing to a high degree of attention to the laser processing machine will also manufacture and upgrading of great business opportunities.

    China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association from the branch annual statistical look at the laser, glue gun laser processing equipment has been rapid growth in annual sales. Such as the 2003 increase of 21.6% over 2002 in 2004, up 18% over 2003. Fully illustrated, laser processing technology in China has moved from research and experiment to explore out of the ivory tower, took the practical road. Rising number of laser processing equipment manufacturers to produce thousands of applications to meet the laser processing machine. To maintain sales growth at about 20%. Because of the variety of the domestic market, promotion, display, universal, and for user training, but also the laser processing, greatly expanded the market broadened, to domestic users of advanced manufacturing technology using this confidence and determination, laser processing can be contributed to the more and more widely used in the external environment, and this is affecting the market we often say. Also driving the market affects the laser processing machine hot, so it goes form a chain reaction. Because of this push, the formation of laser processing machine has now reached more than 200 enterprises, employing nearly 2 million, of which about 50% of the scientific and technical personnel with senior professional titles account for about 30% of staff, has formed a considerable strength industry team. At the same time, it also attracts many of the world of laser processing equipment and follow the manufacturer's attention to the domestic market has been internationalized.

    In a nutshell, the past 2 years there are several hot-selling products, laser processing machine, an Introduction to the readers:

    Hot product.

    First, high-speed laser cutting machine product development.

    A few years ago, the domestic sales of the laser cutting machine in the majority of imported products, a very small share of domestic products. As users of the progressive features of laser cutting technology and demonstration of understanding of adoption, domestic enterprises have led to production of laser cutting machine. Such as the production of the largest manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai Unity Prima Laser equipment company, on more than 100 sets of orders, the order of the global production of the eighth. There are other laborers Laser Engineering Branch, Jinan Zimmer, Shenyang Prima, Jiangsu Golden Square park. Several recent high-profile of the laser processing machine manufacturers have invested power, laser cutting machine to begin production there in Wuhan Chutian Laser, Han's Laser and so on.

    Recent sales in the domestic market is estimated that 1 ~ 4KW laser cutting up to 300 to 350, the domestic supply can account for more than 200 units, more than 100 other for foreign products, from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Belgium and other countries. Bystronic has now assembled in China laser cutting machine, and has started selling.

    The laser cutting machine users, including electrical manufacturing, the elevator industry, transport machinery, oil industry, textile machinery, food machinery, medical equipment, lamps, decoration, packaging and laser processing stations and research institutes in various applications.

    CO2 laser cutting technology is the most widely used laser processing technologies. As I understand it: Europe has installed 12,000 units, 11,000 units installed in North America, Japan, 10,000 units installed. Taiwan, China has more than 500 units installed. Installation of about 800 Chinese mainland Taiwan, the power increase gradually from 2000W to 3KW, 4KW, can be seen from the above CO2 laser cutting machine has become the major hot goods products. As the application was extended, high-power CO2 laser with the gradual clearance of domestic products, traction of the laser sales will grow rapidly.

    Second, laser marking machine (marking machines) will continue to charm.

    Laser processing system according to global statistics of total sales, after laser marking machine laser cutting machine, ranked second. In recent years, close to the laser cutting machine sales, the total amount each about 1 / 3. In China, by contrast, laser marking machine laser processing of domestic sales has accounted for more than 50% of sales, in the larger context of the occupation of the domestic market, and greatly develop the application of industrial areas, it can be said, than the foreign Application surface should be much broader.
    Has been applied in the industry electronic industry, automobile, tools, measuring tools, aerospace, instrumentation, packaging industry, medical products, household appliances, keyboard, panel, advertising signs, documents, cards, daily necessities, the diamond jewelry and other fields. Marked objects can be all kinds of metal material and non-metallic. Such as stainless steel, aluminum, glass, plastics, ceramics, synthetic materials, wood, rubber, leather products, paper products, printed circuit boards, various electrical and electronic components, cigarettes, buttons, detonators, metal parts, has been to the food packaging , pharmaceutical packaging, and even crabs. Number of units of its annual sales of about 4,000 to 5,000 units. It by the lamp-pumped lasers using Nd: YAG laser, glass or metal cavity CO2 laser, in recent years, fiber lasers and solid-state lasers are marking the production batch into the enterprise, a complete set. Marking machine parts in a fixed position can also be marking on the item in the flight line marking. Marking of production than the well-known enterprises have Han's Laser, HG Laser, Chutian Laser, Laser Daheng, Guilin stars laser, Shiko of laser and other companies, there are many production laser marking machine SMEs are also important units, they with the marking of the market do more and more, application of more and more wide, now also began to bulk exports. It is particularly worth mentioning is the very strength of the enterprise, self-development, production colorful marker, a time ordering of units of such marking many, I believe this innovative product will be greater development.

    Third, 25W ~ 100W class laser processing machine.

    This mainly refers to the use of CO2 laser 25W ~ 100W class, coupled with XY table system, the desktop-based models, but also useful for Nd: YAG laser plus vibrating mirror integrated machine. It can be carved, including engraving, cutting, engraving, embroidery and cutting. Variety, low price, use, suitable for national conditions. Annual output of around 6,000 units. Widely used in seals, flexible plates, gifts, advertising, signage, crafts and industrial non-metallic products. Be on the horns, glass, plastic, rubber products, wood products, synthetic materials, cloth, leather and other materials for laser processing. Because it is computer typesetting, controlled, non-contact processing, fast (processing methods other than hand or much faster) high intelligence, ease of operation and other unique advantages, so occupied the majority of the domestic market and exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America , Eastern Europe, Africa, popular. XY table models produced high-profile industry from Zhejiang Bo laser, Guangdong Yue Ming, Wuhan Golden Laser laser and other companies, they formed the production pattern of rapid rise, the current laser Bo industry has built 35,000 square meters of factory, Jin Yun laser built 10,000 square meter plant, Yueming laser not only further expand the production capacity of origin, to establish branch in Shanghai. In addition to this model flexible rubber carving, bamboo slips into the laser cut things, clothing, leather, embroidery and other work products of these enterprises to upgrade and promote the development of the market, they have been feeding, receiving, material negative absorption, automatic camera positioning , Double cutting techniques to be applied gradually, so that the laser processing equipment can be integrated into automated garment production line operation, the product of intelligent upgrade.

     It is worth mentioning that the rapid development of laser engraving machine is one of the products, it is through the formation of laser-induced burst in the glass points of the body composition of white light scattering images three-dimensional engraving. Recently the technology has achieved further development. The development of a domestic unit color engraving technology, have played in the glass body of red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and other color patterns, and soon to be put on the market products. Add brilliance to the engraving products.

      Fourth, for the re-manufacturing of laser cladding technology and equipment.

     Remanufacturing is the product life cycle theory as a guide for engineering practice. Equipment, feasibility studies, design, manufacture, use, maintenance, full cost recovery is called life-cycle cost, the traditional emphasis on the equipment only, "former life", (this cycle only 20 to 40% of the cost), but often overlooked the "later life", that is used, the cost of maintenance and retirement phases.

     Equipment is equipment re-manufacturing engineering, "later in life" as the object, in order to improve efficiency, resource conservation, environmental protection, insist on a sustainable development of engineering technology. Re-manufacturing technology must be integrated into high-tech, making the old parts and equipment for re-access to high quality, high value-added products, so the re-manufacturing industry is to achieve leapfrog development, entirely consistent with national policy is an important technology. U.S. manufacturing output and then 530 million, employing over 48 million people, saying, "then the manufacturing sector is a potential giant." China in this regard has been started.
     Laser processing technology for manufacturing and re-used in other manufacturing industries, as has irreplaceable advantages, and better than other processing techniques. Laser processing for re-manufacturing is the development of the laser transformation hardening of surface alloying and laser cladding, alloy coating developed by the laser to the composite coating and ceramic coating, so that the laser surface modification technology as a remanufacturing important means of entry. It is mainly used 5KW ~ 10KWCO2 high-power lasers and their systems. Annual sales of about 100. More prominent in this regard is the mainland laser, they are applied in practice profiling of laser micro cladding, the larger range of applications to electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, steel, machinery industry, turbine-powered rotating device fixes an important parts until the unit, such as gas turbines, centrifugal compressors, screw compressors, large steam turbines, generators, steam turbines and other nearly a thousand units, also the production of lasers and crew, a leading enterprise in the technology of the domestic . There are other Jin Shikai laser, HG Laser, Laser unity.

     Domestic form of the laser processing station in this business, Chinese Academy of Sciences of metal, Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Laser Engineering Centre, University of laser processing are used in the manufacturing sector to play a larger role again.

     Expected to be made for other laser processing technology will gradually appear.

     Fifth, laser welding technology and equipment.

     Laser welding technology application in China is rapidly expanding its sales after the marking and cutting. It is mainly used in batteries, electrical, instrumentation, hardware tools and steel, aerospace, automotive and other industries.

     Application into three main categories: one category is used for mobile communication, such as the welding cell phone batteries, others such as capacitors, electrical, instrumentation components of the welding. The welding equipment used mainly Nd: YAG laser; table some multi-position, producing a large quantity of such equipment are high-profile Wuhan Chutian Laser, Huazhong laser, Han's Laser and Tianjin force and energy laser. Production of the largest mobile phone batteries BYD has also developed its own; from loading their own use.

     The second category mainly on laser welding diamond saw blade. Current hot solder in Europe have banned the diamond saw. The extensive use of CO2 laser welding diamond saw blade to the saw blade to the substrate, this technology to meet safety requirements. According to reports, diamond cutting tools used in the infrastructure industry, the largest consumption of laser welding diamond saw blade, the demand for about 3.0 billion. This also led to domestic businesses to invest in the production of laser welding technology and equipment to go, China's annual export value of approximately $ 30,000,000, the annual export growth rate is one of the causes of elevated head of synthetic diamond powder metallurgy good about.

     In addition various types of infrastructure projects with domestic, air conditioning installation, the expansion of the stone industry, the annual demand for diamond saw blade is also about 10 billion yuan, partly to use high-grade stone processing laser welding diamond saw blade. Domestic production of laser welded diamond saw large enterprises HG Laser, Wuhan united laser, Beijing Aetna, Danyang Huachang, Hangzhou, Shijiazhuang Bo deep and high. Production of laser welding system with Chinese laborers laser saw blade, Wuhan united laser, Jinan, Zimmer, Shanghai Unity Prima and other units, mostly for multi-position welding system.

     The third category is laser welded steel plate, the application of this more in the steel industry (such as plate-line welding, steel welding, etc.), vehicle plate welding (some in the steel plant, some in the car plant) and various shell parts welding, laser welding system is not finalized its products, mostly for "tailored." Estimate the market will be more and more worthy of attention, such systems of domestic production enterprises HG Laser, Shanghai Unity Prima, Wuhan Chutian other units.

     Overall, these three categories of laser welding system, the current market capacity of 600 to 800 sets.

     Market Outlook.

     With the international laser processing systems, laser processing system of our country are great differences, accounting for only about 2% of global sales. Mainly as follows: high-end laser processing system, little or nothing; the main laser, but off; micro laser processing equipment, large gap; and China's manufacturing enterprises in these areas is gathering strength, steadily into the domestic market has ample room for application.

     Predict the next 2-3 years, our sales grow from 1.5 billion yuan in 2004 to double up, that will reach 30 billion yuan output value. The reason:
First, the national attention, at all levels of government departments are actively concerned about, planning, project, many funds are injected. Especially the countries stressed that the main project by the universities, research departments to enterprise-based materials, which promote the enterprise product innovation, technological upgrading.

     Second, the domestic manufacturing industry to accept various types of laser processing technology, which enables them to increase the technological content of products, speed up product upgrading, it can be achieved using "agile manufacturing" level, to meet the market of "personalized" product requirements.

     The domestic industry has gradually formed a business group supporting the laser parts slowly filled, with the characteristics of various types of laser processing system manufacturers have established, China has formed four laser processing equipment manufacturing industry zone, are mainly distributed in Central ; the Pearl River Delta; the Yangtze River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Bohai economic developed regions.

     Fourth, internationally renowned manufacturer of laser processing plant and some investment in China; some joint ventures with domestic production, the general trend is to have access to, the formation of the domestication of international competition.

     Fifth, the main laser in terms of domestic and gradually pass into market applications. Such as axial flow CO2 laser with high power, medium power metal cavity RF CO2 laser, diode-pumped solid-state laser, fiber laser, and frequency DPL, high-power diode module, is ready to enter the product of the early market . Appreciation for the domestic laser processing to create conditions to develop new applications.

    In the country has created a good situation, we earnestly hope that the industry's efforts to create enterprises with independent innovation products, try to avoid low-cost, low-margin competition, so more and more healthy development of China-made equipment onto the situation.

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