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Urumqi, 2010 fire loss of more than 900 million since 1346

    In the past 2010 years, the various types of fire to Urumqi caused economic losses of 900 million yuan, more heavy is, there are 22 people lost their lives in these fires.

    January 18, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Fire Bureau released the annual fire statistics 2010 case in Urumqi, in 2010, glue stick the Urumqi City fire a total of 1346, killing 22 people were killed and 22 injured, direct property loss of 919 million yuan.

    Compared with 2009 last year, the number of fires increased from 22.92%, 37.5% increase in the number of fire deaths, fire injuries has risen 450%, 145.69% increase in direct property damage. In 2009, the Urumqi City fire since 1095, left 16 people dead, 4 injured and direct property loss of 374 million yuan.

    Scene of the fire, firefighters will always be busy figure. Fire Station 119, according to City Public Security Bureau Command Center statistics, last year, a total of 119 alarm command center since 1865, sent 5511 motorcycles were fire engines, fire officers and men of 26,582 people, rescue 486 people trapped, protecting all kinds of property worth about 231 million. Which, in addition to fighting fires since 1346, glue gun the firefighters and rescue but also the implementation of social assistance from 519.

    12 children playing with fire caused painful doom.

    Last year at 14:20 on July 19th or so, East Road, Urumqi City, Hebei Ren Sanxiang 187 residents living fire from the building, resulting in self-built living room of migrant workers in 12 deaths, 17 people were injured and direct economic losses 15.5 million yuan.

    Extensive use of wood as room decoration and other combustible materials, fire caused by fire from the building as a whole. After investigation, inspection, cause of the fire department a 5-year-old girl playing with fire ignited at the bottom of the basement stairs piled combustible debris.

    According to statistics, in 2010, there were 14 casualties from the fire, which killed 11 people since the fire. The 14 fires occurred in 9 cases of foreign workers in rental housing.

    Fire Department, said foreign workers to enhance the fire safety publicity, thorough investigation of self-help housing, rental housing "all in one place," fires, such fires is to reduce the chance of effective measures.

    Analysis of four into a fire burning at home.

    Last year, 587 fires occurred in residential buildings, representing fire, the total number of Sichengyishang from residential fires occur most frequently as a place. In other words, last year, a daily average of three to four fires, of which two occurred together or in residential homes.

    Fire investigation results show that careless use of fire of life, electrical fires caused by the primary factor is the "culprit." Careless use of fire as living fires 378, representing the total number of fires last year, Jin Sancheng; electrical factors are responsible for the fire, 361, accounting for 26.8%

    In addition, there were 121 fires from Urumqi, the hands of a number of cigarette smokers caused.

    Prompted the "four capacities" to be into people's homes.

    Fire Department, said fire statistics are shown over the years, with the diversification of household appliances, decoration materials and residential applications, more and more residential fire risk is increasing. And in sharp contrast to some, the importance of fire safety of life and not with the increase.

    Fire Department, Fire Department, said stakeholders to provide our residents from themselves, learn to improve fire safety in personal family "four capacities", master fire prevention, fire fighting and escape self knowledge, good fire prevention. Whether at home or in the unit, must always and everywhere concerned about fire safety, fire hazards found should be promptly removed.

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