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Huaibei made six recommendations to resolve the fire safety problems the old city

     Huaibei City, Anhui Province, the first quarter, according to fire the spirit of joint work, combined with the actual work of Huaibei City fire recently, the city of Huaibei City Fire Department conducted fire prevention research, from planning, construction, facilities, electrical, management, and other top 5 ,glue stick the analysis of the urban problems in fire protection for the building of the old city fire "six recommendations" to try to resolve the old city fire safety hazard.

First, removal of the Old City area of the layout of the building fire safety and thoroughly improve the urban environment, the layout will include fire safety, fire stations, fire water, fire communications, fire engines and fire access, etc. plan into the overall plan for urban transformation of the old content and based on the actual situation step by step, on the street illegal occupation of buildings and fire channels attached to some of the buildings on the billboards, wire removal, etc., to ensure that the clear width of fire road, clearance of not less than 4 meters in height.
    Second,glue gun the transformation of electrical lines, enhancing the use of fire power management, removal of access each user secretly pull the electrical lines, replacement of aging electrical distribution lines and the old wooden boxes, plates, etc., periodically check the electrical load, the laying of the shops sets of electrical lines must wear flame-retardant pipe protection, not the wires laid in the fuel directly on the wiring forbidden Luanla chaos; can not be under the pile of goods in the electrical circuit; to stop the operation can only be used after the shift lights.

    Third, configure the necessary equipment for fire-fighting facilities, less than fifty square meters of pavement, per room is equipped with two fire extinguishers pavement standards, residential units if it is apartments, according to every floor of each unit is equipped with two 4 kg ABC dry powder fire extinguishers.

    Fourth is to strengthen fire control propaganda and education and training to enhance awareness of the residents of the fire, like layers of responsibility for fire safety sign system, the organization of the street, the community fire safety management of the reunification of the fire safety training, and actively carry out fire safety training and awareness, knowledge of personnel on the fire to take classes, visit the fire station, a blackboard newspaper and other forms, and create a fire safe environment.

    Fifth, actively promote the new urban and industrial parks, construction of municipal fire hydrants, construction of the new city, especially during the construction of new roads, construction of the municipal fire hydrant into the synchronous budget, with the construction, with building construction to ensure the city where the road to get there municipal fire hydrant on the building there. The parks as soon as possible to develop and improve the public facilities construction and management of fire regulations, clear responsibilities of relevant departments to establish mechanisms to ensure funding for public fire protection facilities and industrial park development with the needs of synchronous growth, fire hydrant, the park should also be building roads and water supply pipeline construction simultaneously, to ensure that fire service can adapt to rapid economic development.

    Sixth, strengthen the construction of special equipment, an effective solution to high-rise building fire fighting problems, drew with a height of more than 40 m high lifting platform fire truck, high pressure jet of fire engines, ladder truck, firefighters personal protective equipment to further enhance the building specifically for the construction of high-level Comprehensive fire and rescue training tower construction and other specialized, modular, systematic simulation training facilities.

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