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Beware of solar wind followed the steps should be standardized and improved early

     Three years of great development of wind power industry issues layers, so wind power rectification of the increasing calls. Solar energy - the eve of this great development of the industry in how to advance the layout, in order to avoid the wind's footsteps?

    This site has issued the country on the "fan fold wing" news to air TV after the development of some of the problems encountered. Since that time, collapse, fire accidents occur frequently, it is called the wind power industry should stop and rest for the sound development of the industry.

    Remember the over seventy years of Chinese Academy of Engineering Ni fighting in an interview, angrily up from his seat, glue gun forced gestures and said: "can not go down pediment, and must stop to think about! Wind power can not take the original 'Great Leap Forward' the road. Many people say I'm pouring cold water, I should just call the sound development of industry. "

    Nearly a year, it seems more experience fighting Academy of Ni was warned. Today, people are pleasantly surprised to find that solar and wind power relays will achieve a great development, but once again poured cold water on "Beware of 'fan wings' phenomenon repeats itself in advance solar energy industry should standardize and improve, to the sound development of the industry."

    Voice of the emergence of consolidation

    Into May,glue stick there have been a voice that is upstream of rectifying photovoltaic market.

    Australia's Macquarie Bank analyst Yuesefukui due to open, said: "Some Chinese businessmen established a fake plant, through the purchase of components resold to the next person, claiming that their own products."

    Indeed, the AQSIQ is planning to carry out a national PV industry quality checks on the industry, quality problems to rectify. The direct reason is that, with the rapid development of photovoltaic industry in recent years, many lack the technical experience of businesses involved, good and bad, the lack of access standards and product quality certification, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of some products, have been returned and foreign customers complaints, attracted the attention of relevant domestic departments.

    China solar panel the size of the industry in the world on top, with the cost advantage of Chinese enterprises in recent years, competitors from the West quickly won market share, competitors, does lead to some dissatisfaction.

    It is said that China's exports in order to confirm the existence of PV modules foreign buyers complained of quality problems, the Customs Department from September last year, exports of PV modules in our process in a temporary increase in quality inspection link. The work by the third-party testing organization responsible for the detection of the main indicators of the actual power photovoltaic modules and standards are consistent. But it did not seem to play much role, still grumbling everywhere.

    "Should not be said to be consolidation, but to do some testing and certification, because the quality of export products have some problems, especially the component, must ensure that our products have a good international reputation." China Renewable Energy Society, Vice president of Meng Xiangan again correct.

    Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Li Sheng-mao clearly support this view, he said: "After the introduction of polysilicon industry standards, the industry was reorganized made of polysilicon, the next step is silicon, a component part, but now says too early to rectify Because PV has not developed to this stage, we are now is to expand the market, to expand the scale, although in the 'Golden Sun' there have been some problems with the inferior products into it is just a discordant episode nothing. "

    But does the lack of industry standards and development. Especially the lack of a solar panel industry domestic certification scheme should be promptly introduced and amended.

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