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"Solar king" Xiao Hua Qu: the European grasping in her hand

    In 2006, Canadian Solar in the Nasdaq market, which is the first in the U.S. market, operated by the Chinese solar PV companies. It is currently ranked sixth in the world, Dr. Hua Xiao Qu, chairman of 800 million net worth.

    Qu Xiao Hua is solar energy in the chain of all-round layout, Changshu, Suzhou, Luoyang, and are responsible for three components, cells and silicon chip R & D production in the traditional European markets, glue gun is actively exploring in Australia. Qu Xiao Hua said Artes future goal is the world's top three.

    Qu Xiao Hua's hands kept close to open.

    This is almost the only people he captures the movements. Quiet, calm, rational, rigorous, highly systematic and logical, this is the Qu Xiao Hua.

    There is not much lift tone, and even punctuation pause, he slowly about the difficult business, as if a dull experience, do not like is not sad. Scholarly humility, mixed with occasional words in poetry film, it is difficult to see his favorite sport is actually skiing.

    Qu Xiao Hua hi-tech background,glue stick even years after the start, at the helm of one of the world's sixth solar photovoltaic companies - Canadian Solar, he was still on a weekly basis and staff for technical exchange.

    This is the first listed on Nasdaq, operated by the Chinese solar manufacturers, first quarter operating income of $ 443.4 million, up by 31.6%, gross profit $ 65.3 million, up by 55.8%. Qu Xiao Hua said that his goal is to enter the global top three.

    His story and many entrepreneurs, compared to, perhaps less of "wild and dramatic," but never a lack of adventure and ambition.

    Dr. Qinghua family of semiconductor materials

    His doctoral students, most of the decision stayed on to teach, Qu Xiao Hua has chosen to enter the business, take a "lonely" in Road

    November 9, 2006, Xiao Hua Qu Canadian Solar was founded on NASDAQ (symbol: CSIQ). Over the past six years, and now the total market value of $ 415 million Artes, holding 30.5% of the net worth of Qu Xiao Hua is currently about 8.2 billion yuan.

    "Staff go the stairs, guests can only accompany the elevator, which is always advocated Qu, and we are very conscious." Artes, a marketing department told financial weekly newspaper reporter.

    During the interview, Xiao Hua Qu such a signal is passed to the correspondent: a pragmatic, professional, and strong execution. His energy saving ideas, always put in the company quite well.

    "PV industry, entrepreneurs seem blossom, is not necessarily a style but my style is definitely not the same with the vast majority of people." Qu Xiao Hua said of his.

    Qu Xiao Hua's parents are both Tsinghua University professor of mathematics, but he also graduated from Tsinghua University, 1987 study in Canada at their own expense.

    Bedroom to sleep inside the house about nine Chinese students, all ground floor, Qu Xiao Hua is one of them. "I was renting, about 10 square meters, just you sleep under a bed, a small desk, plus a stove, which also own cooking." Xiao Hua Qu now look back this experience, "after have nothing. "

    When studying abroad, Qu Xiao Hua basically all courses are A +, "out of the country relatively easy to top-notch, not like if the A + course which a little problem."

    1990 and 1995, Qu Xiao Hua has won the University of Manitoba Master of Solid State Physics, University of Toronto and semiconductor materials science.

    Exotic school history, so that Xiao Hua Qu distribution of a scholar who has the temperament and demeanor. That time, his doctoral students, most of the decision stayed on to teach, Qu Xiao Hua has chosen to enter the business, take a "lonely" road.

    Ph.D. degree in his year, he formed the solar photovoltaic industry with the fate. Was no sign of all beginning, but step by step, Xiao Hua Qu thus opening a lifetime career.

    'Losing all righteous things, "

    In the 1990s and the beginning of this century, the solar industry, is always losing money, in the company without human attention. Even if I was vice president, they will not change my office told me in advance

    In 1995, Xiao Hua Qu, Ontario, Canada into the power company, engaged in semiconductor research and development work since then into the solar photovoltaic industry.

    Qu Xiao Hua is a doctoral thesis, "Semiconductor nonlinear optics", mainly to do research with the semiconductor photoelectric conversion. But then, solar PV in the West not to develop them, this is a very likely "that graduate unemployment" professional.

    Qu Xiao Hua said: "It was into the Ontario power company, also by chance, 'beyond the pale no searching, to totally waste of effort', which is the home of traditional power companies want to do clean energy, including solar power research, This is a very advanced at that time thing. "

    Two years later, due to the acquisition of reason, Qu Xiao Hua from Ontario Hydro's SpheralSolarTM project team came to the Canadian ATS's. Similarly, because the acquisition of ATS, Lyon, France a solar cell plant, Qu Xiao Hua was sent to France, Photowatt photovoltaic company, began constantly to and from Canada and France.

    If previous experience is Qu Xiao Hua and its professional and technology-related, this time in France, the biggest gain is to stimulate him as an entrepreneur's overall quality. Qu Xiao Hua is not only full involvement of the international most advanced photovoltaic production chain, each link, and begin in-depth exposure to purchasing, marketing and sales front-end work.

    All of this originated in a special "title." In Photowatt, Qu Xiao Hua's position is "Asia-Pacific vice president of technology."

    "I want to control distribution of Canada's ATS technology, but also allow me to control the procurement of silicon and the Asia Pacific market development, because the charge of a few things together, so the vice president's name was added on the front of the technology, together with the Asia-Pacific. "Qu Xiao Hua grasping hands are not relaxed, he is very smooth communication with colleagues in France, he appreciated the professionalism of the French engineers, learned a lot.

    He said he saw the French customers, but also "pull" 5-minute French, "they are engaging in senseless." But five minutes later, "they began to speak French, I said 'stop', or say it in English."

    Work experience in Canada and France, not only exposed to Qu Xiao Hua-class technology and self-practice, and also gave him the vision of globalization, the key is, he encountered a life of its trajectory enough to change a great opportunity.

    Today's Artes, 75.6% of the market are from Europe, while Germany is the largest market in Europe. Qu Xiao Hua initially did not think that is an order to stimulate the Volkswagen Xiao Hua Qu entrepreneurial impulse.

    In the last century, the German public has a solar charger creative requirements, set some basic parameters, but it did not know how. "It was probably five or six companies to look for solutions, I have a program, but ATS companies are unwilling to do." Qu Xiao Hua told financial weekly newspaper reporter.

    "At the time of solar energy in the parent company in only a small sector in the 1990s and early 2000s the solar industry, is always losing money, in the company without human attention. Even if I was vice president, they will not change my office told me in advance. "Qu Xiao Hua continued road.

    But he firmly believes that the solar industry is small, but certainly has great room for development.

    "At that time I did not say solar energy will change the world, will do such an extent, but I think the first cause of this is very interesting, it really is for future generations to create a better earth; on my second their ability, I do this line, no problem to feed their families it. both on the social sense, but also do their own happy, righteous things, I lose money all righteous things! "

    When the Canadian ATS's orders ignored Volkswagen, Qu Xiao Hua decided to open his own factory orders. Qu Xiao Hua is very optimistic about the future potential of solar PV industry, he decided to decided to leave the ATS, home business.

    Pioneer of the German market

    Artes eighth from 2009 up to sixth place in 2010, total global share of about 5% -6%, while the world's largest solar energy company Suntech accounted for 11%

    In 2001, Xiao Hua Qu good company registered in Canada, after holding the Volkswagen factory orders and a number of partners in return.

    In the study of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Bohai Sea, after a dozen cities, Qu Xiao Hua eventually facility identified in Changshu, Artus set up photovoltaic Electronics (Changshu) Co., Ltd..

    Volkswagen's orders, the first year to bring Artes 300 million dollars turnover in the second year is still $ 3,000,000, Canadian Solar Electronics (Changshu) Co., Ltd. has become a popular A-level German suppliers.

    2001 to 2003, most of the applications market is still small, the rise of large-scale solar energy market has not, and Artes mainly for Volkswagen, the market supply to small and medium applications. 2004, Canadian began the large-scale and intensive components transformation.

    Two years ago, Qu Xiao Hua often appear in Germany's largest solar exhibition Intersolar on. At that time they only have one booth 3m × 3m, Qu Xiao Hua is with a mobile phone each time, put the two components of luggage went.

    "Put things up after a transparent tape, stickers, ready, and has carried out. To show off every night, when the transparent tape a pull, is equivalent to show off a few years ago are so over." Qu Xiao Hua said.

    Until 2004, the market began to change, Artes has entered a stage of rapid development. "Development of the industry is off-grid to grid, off-grid is a special application development, access and network to start on people's lives, the structure of energy supply have a big impact, because the vast majority of people are electricity grid electric. "Qu Xiao Hua Road.

    He said that in 2004 the German solar energy is a very primary market, market, policy and providers are new, and Artes honor to be the first to enter the German market companies.

    "In 2004 when we went to Germany, because the market has just started opening up, do not need certification, who do not know what certification and the situation around 2005, gradually standardized, Artes has become the first company to obtain certification from overseas one. "

    Currently Artes products mainly to Europe, America, Asia. European markets accounted for 75.6% of revenue, 12.2% in the United States, Asia and other regions of 12.2%. The European market, and mainly in Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries based.

    According to the 2010 global PV sales rankings, from the Artes eighth in 2009 rose to sixth place in 2010, total global share of about 5% -6%, while the world's largest solar energy company Suntech accounted for 11 %.

    "The world top three is my goal." Qu Xiao Hua made no secret of his ambitions.

    Layout of the whole industry chain, to enter Australia

    Artes future scope of research and development not only solar energy manufacturing industry chain, including a solar-related with power management, power problems and policy studies

    Canadian Solar is a vertically integrated, emphasis on back-end enterprise. Slice from a long crystal cell to the PV modules to present the company has completed the layout of the whole industrial chain.

    In November 2005, Canadian won the HSBC fund, and set high from the major capital investment in Asia, began in Changshu, Suzhou, Luoyang, and three large-scale industrial layout, the three are responsible for components, cells and silicon piece of R & D production.

    "In early 2007, Canadian Solar's solar cell production in Suzhou, to the end of Luoyang Polysilicon film production start-up, Canadian completed the general layout of the whole industrial chain." Qu Xiao Hua said.

    Recently, a succession of Canadian Solar announced its joint venture and the construction of GCL Silicon 600 MW plant in Suzhou High-tech (6.16,0.00,0.00%) District to build a 600 megawatt high-efficiency solar cell factory, 2012 years after construction is completed, Canadian Solar industry chain will achieve matching.

    "In 2003 and 2004 by the new market and early, and now has entered into a strong Hengqiang, the bigger the stage. Artes is an accounting industry, business opportunities, sounds vulgar But it is a fact. "Qu Xiao Hua that strategy is at the right time in the right place.

    Third-party consulting firm survey, Canadian industry in several different range of brand recognition are among the highest. Qu Xiao Hua said, "Artes brand awareness to the company a head start, and go Artes is a global company in the world with branches in nine countries, we in the global network and the team has done a considerable investment, is evolving. "

    He said proudly, "Now the main business of China's solar industry which, more than 10 megawatts in the overseas large-scale power plant EPC experience anyone? I do not know, there may be one or two, but is one of Artes , and we experience more than one project, I think these are the Artes part of overall competitiveness. "

    Solar photovoltaic industry, the past two years suffered a serious blow in the market, including the recent "polysilicon industry access regulations," the introduction of solar energy components and their prices since the second half last year, rising prices of polysilicon, which Qu Xiao Hua has its own views .

    "I think the manufacturing sector, especially the PV industry, the cost of long-term trend is still downward, although we hope to make money, but the industry is a trend toward cheap Internet access it from the lower reaches of the first launch is a normal trend, but this process reflects the imbalance of the whole industrial chain, including signal transduction imbalances. I think ultimately the industry will be balanced from the beginning of some of the downstream price changes and pressures will ultimately pass to the upstream. Artus solar modules per year absolute value increased by one percentage point, the subsequent two to three years is an achievable goal. "

    Currently the cost of Artes in absolute R & D investment are increasing, "the scope of future research and development not only Artes solar manufacturing chain, including a solar-related with power management, power problems and policies of some study. "

    Xiao Hua Qu Artes gross margin will be between 15% -20%, he said: "Artes only virtuous pursuit of maintaining a reasonable gross margin targets, we do not seek to improve gross margins much hope Art Sri Lanka see more long-term point, in other words not too concerned about the level of short-term profitability, or how much can be done short-term business. "

    Qu Xiao Hua said Artes next goal is to continue to expand its market share to 10%.

    Artes is the current into the Australian market. "Artes projection network is global, not only in Europe and other developed countries, including least developed countries in Africa and the Middle East. With our current position in the industry, have asked us to develop global distribution, we miss any opportunity to enter the PV Artes top three. "

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