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« The LED industry of 1300 deep enterprises face overheating shuffle 2015, the motion sensor for flat-panel market will double »

Ministry of Industry: Financial support to the battery to determine the

       Held in Tianjin, "battery industry forum." Deputies, should be the development of the battery overall planning, a clear development path and strengthen technology research and industry management, prevention of blind investment and duplicated construction. Participants agreed to reflect, battery industry is inseparable from national attention from the urgent need for government industrial policy,glue gun financial subsidies, tax incentives, etc. to be great support.

     To promote China's development of new energy automotive industry, the Ministry of the organizations to develop battery development ideas, and is expected from the industrial policy, financial subsidies, tax incentives, etc. to be great support. Insiders said the lithium battery industryglue stick chain of listed companies will benefit.

     Next, the Ministry will combine the two sessions this year on behalf of members of the battery-powered vehicles and the handling of motions proposed, as soon as the relevant experts to develop a battery organizational development ideas, and effectively promote China's development of new energy automotive industry. New energy into battery power nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries. The former is mainly used in hybrid cars, hybrid cars and lower subsidies, only as a transitional form of existence in the long run, the level of benefit will be greatly reduced.

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