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2015, the motion sensor for flat-panel market will double

  IHSiSuppli has released the latest research report by Apple in its iPhone and iPad in promoting the use of accelerometer technology, smart phones and tablet PCs for the motion sensor equipment market is expected to nearly double in the next five years.

    Smart phones and tablet PCs are expected in the motion sensor technology in global revenue in 2015 to 21 billion (in 2011 this figure was only $ 1.1 billion). Many types of motion sensor products, including micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometers, MEMS gyroscopes, electronic compass / magnetometer and 3-axis MEMS pressure sensor.

    MEMS and Sensors IHS glue stick director and chief analyst hot Leimibushao (JérémieBouchaud) said: "From a consumer for the first time and rotate them in the hands of the iPhone screen to automatically switch to start the vertical surprised when they This has been fascinated by their own hands, motion-sensing mobile electronics functionality. It is precisely because of this feature and other applications (such as gaming and navigation, etc.) spread, motion sensing has become a smart phone and tablet PC a standard feature, promote the MEMS sensor hot. "

    Motion sensor applications

    Apple launched in 2007, the configuration of the accelerometer of the iPhone, this opened the motion sensor for smart phones off. The company in 2010 to furtheglue gun r promote smart phone motion sensor market smartphones in iPhone4 Department has added a compass and a 3-axis gyroscope. In the same year, Apple iPad, the product also uses the same motion sensor devices.

    Apple, other companies have begun to set up their own smart phones and tablet PCs motion sensor standard feature. Smart phones and tablet PCs are the fastest growing market today, two mass electronics market.

    Estimated global smart phone shipments will grow from 294 million in 2010, jumped to 1.03 billion by 2015. At the same time, the media panel shipments of products from the 17.4 million units in 2010 to 275.3 million units in 2015.

    Given this rapid growth in 2015 global smart mobile phones and media motion sensors Tablet PC shipments up to 40 million, 864 million in 2010 more than four times.

    Motion sensors have become increasingly "smart"

    As for smart phones and tablet PCs more and more types of sensors, motion-based applications become more complex, far beyond the screen or rotate the map rotation feature.

    Integration between the various sensor signals describe the movement smoother, faster and more accurate. This accuracy for new applications, including augmented reality, games and sports-based web browser.

    Finally, the signals from motion sensors will be smart phones and tablet PCs from other sensors (such as optical sensors, cameras, microphones, and global positioning system) data fusion. When used with other information (such as calendar, weather and traffic information) are combined, the sensor information can have a "context awareness", that enables smart phones and tablet PCs to be used automatically to determine their own ways and places. This feature allows electronic devices, "predict" the needs of users.

    Sensors everywhere

    Currently, almost all smart phones are equipped with accelerometers and a compass (penetration rate in 2011 were 95% and 96%). Both sensors feature phones in general is also increasing in popularity.

    IHS Inc. predicts that by 2011, 29 percent of smart phones will be configured gyroscope, a substantial 13% compared to the previous growth.

    Pressure sensor in the second half of 2011, it is expected the application of high-end smart phones from 2013 growth.

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