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PV inverter market experience "winter" test

    IHSiSuppli's China research department of special reports that the Chinese government to promote clean energy policy support, and there is strong potential to stimulate manufacturers to invest in financial income, China's PV inverter market will grow nearly three times within four years. China Inverter shipments rose from the end of 2011 to 1.4GW in 2015 5.0GW, compound annual growth rate of 31%. Growth was particularly strong in 2011,glue gun more than 117% growth last year, 657MW. Next year the market will be significantly increased 85% to 2.6GW, after the growth will become moderate.

     Data show that last year China accounted for only global solar inverter shipments of 3%, Germany's share of up to 42%, Italy 22%, 7% of the Czech Republic,glue stick the United States and Japan account for 6%, 4% in France . But given the current momentum of growth, by 2015, China's share will be substantially increased to 13%. The next four years, the growth of the inverter market will enhance China's global solar inverter industry's position.

     Industry believe that China's PV inverter market currently has more advantages. Inverter prices relatively stable gross margin level in the future can be guaranteed. In 2011, the inverter with the PV market prices have also declined slightly sluggish, but fell a lesser extent, the basic relatively stable. In early July the average price of photovoltaic inverter $ 0.239 / W, to the beginning of October the average price remained at $ 0.235 / W, in the second quarter decline of only 1.67%. This is mainly because the price of PV inverter products quickly sell into the phase is over, and need to continue R & D investment as a high-end power electronics products, which are subject to margin compression space is very limited, gradually slowing rate of decline in value of the product, future cost reduction will come from improvements in design and components in China.glue gun,glue stick

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