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« High voltage, low carbon strategic start 2012 electric power equipment: out of the downturn »

Electric power equipment: looking for subdivision of the growth of the industry and consumer attributes

Distribution network and intelligent substation investment has high growth

From the "eleventh five-year plan" grid construction result, our country has built a very powerful transmission network, has been completed let load transformation link than the process of ascension, is expected to "1025" transformation network construction during the "eleventh five-year plan"glue stick growth is only about 30%. Looking back on the past four years, and 110 KV power distribution network construction significantly below the growth of 220 KV and above power grids, power distribution network construction lagged behind, at present has become the power grid we link, the expected over the next two years the son of the industrial investment growth will be in composite around 40%. According to the national grid plan, the substation link of artificial intelligence is the key work of "1025", the future investment growth with certainty. In complete intelligent substation pilot after work, glue gun the substation of intelligent construction will link illustrated. According to the planning in 2012, the overall investment, investment amount year-on-year growth of more than 40%. Distribution network and intelligent substation individual stocks will benefit from the high growth industry segments.

Nuclear power waiting for policy to restart

Japan fukushima nuclear power since the accident, the industry for the security check, the domestic stopped new project examination and approval, the equipment enterprise new order basic stagnation, but for China to reduce the emissions of quantitative promised the development of safe and effective nuclear power, 2012 policy is big probability events restart. From the project under construction is to see, the domestic nuclear power engineering investment growth is still present situation. 1-10 months, the national nuclear investment year-on-year growth of 26.2%, nuclear power construction, high enthusiasm. According to the current domestic building nuclear power start time, nuclear power equipment peak will continue to 2012-2013, and now A shares in listed companies related nuclear power order enough, enter the peak of revenue recognition. We prefer nuclear power plate market performance, especially after the restart the valuations of policy rise, suggest attention, jiangsu dongfang electric problem, etc.

Domestic pv market investment opportunity is remarkable

In April this year 3, since photovoltaic products of falling prices, reduced the photovoltaic system cost of investment, the latest data shows, the western large grid project unit has been down to 12000 yuan investment/KW or so, a decline in the cost of promoting (pv) power in the domestic market introduction. The government also timely issued encouraging photovoltaic energy policy, Internet benchmarking electricity prices to appear, renewable energy additional electricity price hike, etc, to domestic pv market provides policy guarantee the outbreak. Suggest attention inverter power supply leading sunshine, is expected to the first half of 2012 is an important time of the share price performance.

Electrical distribution industry bright prospects

Low voltage electrical distribution is the main components in sales mode, abroad have cable can reach, rexel and successful cases, the year revenue super billions RMB. Domestic electrical distribution network expansion in the leading exogenous growth basis, is expected to mitigate the economic cycle pressure, achieving a stable growth. The electrical distribution enterprises listed, is expected to be implemented in competition market share in the ascension, to fight a domestic distribution giant, suggest attention all the industry of individual stocks.

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