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Tianwei change the world's first million-kilowatt air-cooled power unit

     28, Huadian Ningxia Power Company Limited Unit 3 of the second phase project successfully passed 168 hours full load operation, marking the world's first million-kilowatt-class ultra-supercritical air cooling unit put into production.
     But also marks the change from Baoding Tianwei Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianwei change"), developed by the unit 6 sets matching transformer 800kV generators put into operation successfully.

     According to reports, in February 2008, glue gun Tianwei change successful projects of the generator transformer. April 2010, the company's first product was successfully manufactured, and a pilot project through the full assessment,glue stick which has become China's first million-kilowatt turbine generator auxiliary 800kV main transformer. Subsequently, the remaining 5 have successfully manufactured and delivered.

     Huadian Power Company Limited, Phase II project in Ningxia, China's million-kilowatt unit is air-cooled self-made technology and equipment of the demonstration project, the dynamic investment of about 7.5 billion. Project put into operation in China will be completely rewritten the air cooling unit history of dependence on imported technology and equipment, a "West to East"project - the world's first DC ± 660kV power transmission project important support points.

     Tianwei change is to have a new energy transmission and dual main business of the modern high-tech heavy equipment manufacturing enterprises, the NPC Standing Committee Chairman Wu Bangguo praised as "China's national industry. "

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