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2010 Wind Power Industry News Comments

    Editor's note: In 2010, China's wind power development continues the momentum of previous years, the hot, new, and ranked both the cumulative installed capacity will be world champion.

    From the "Renewable Energy Law" amendment to the implementation of wind power list of the list of strategic emerging industries, the first offshore wind power tender terms, the state support of wind power is increasing; start from the National Energy Board survey of wind power quality promote the construction of wind power industry standards point of view, glue gun all the wind power industry, more attention to the qualitative leap from quantity; produced from the 5 megawatt wind turbines for the first time, fall into the kilowatt price of 4,000 yuan terms, wind power machine to reduce costs in a rapidly while accelerating towards the large scale, the whole industry to re-shuffle pattern has emerged; wind power from the docking American point of view, glue stick the sea wind power companies to do homework and to pay the tuition fees is also difficult to measure; million kilowatts from the first wind power base in the project a completion point of view, the construction of wind power base in the achievements and issues exist, the speed of development of wind power needs to re-examine.

    "Twelve Five" China will celebrate the climax of the wind power development, identify existing problems and to clarify Solutions, will determine our success or failure of future development of wind power.


    National Energy Board to promote the construction of wind power industry standards.

    Not only technical issues, more of a management problem.

    News March 29, the National Energy Board held in Beijing, organized wind energy industry standardization work meeting, proposed industry standards to accelerate the construction of wind power, wind power equipment, establish and improve standards, product testing and certification system.

    Start building the standard systems, including wind power wind farm planning and design, construction and installation of wind farms, wind farm operation and maintenance management of wind farms and network management technology, wind power equipment, wind power electrical equipment such as 6 large categories, each category includes a number of articles specific criteria. These standards are posted on the meeting focused on revenue, "wind power standard system framework (draft)" in.

    Liu Qi, deputy director of the National Energy Board said the State Council Document No. 38, explicitly proposed to establish and improve the wind power equipment standards, product testing and certification system. Therefore, this started the construction of wind power industry standards, is to implement the provisions of this document and speeding up the construction of wind power standards, improve the market access threshold, regulate wind power equipment market order.

    Reviews started the standard system is of great significance for the industry's future healthy development of the far-reaching. Standards development work involves not only technical issues, more of a management problem.

    At present, China wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises more than 80, showing wind signs of excess capacity, if not timely regulation and guidance, excess capacity will be inevitable. To this end, the State Council issued Document 38, an explicit proposal to establish and improve the wind power equipment standards, product testing and certification system.

    The standards will promote wind power equipment industry reshuffle, the advancement of large-scale wind power equipment industry, international, foster the international competitiveness of large-scale wind power equipment business is important. Speed up the standard construction of wind power to solve the difficulties in the current wind power has an important role in highlighting the issue. Standard construction wind power, wind farms will be development, construction, operation and maintenance, and equipment selection for wind power, wind power prediction will have a positive norm and guide, helping improve the acceptance of wind power capacity of , to create conditions for large-scale development of wind power.

    In addition, issues related to international standards, the representative of China has always been the lack of presence. IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards for each release, the wind will seek traditional countries such as Denmark and Spain TV's amendments, but did not hear the voice of China. This leads to a lot of standards out of the situation in China is not suitable after a serious constraint on China products to overseas market development. Right now, China's wind power industry the scale and pace of development has been the forefront in the world, and China's wind power industry standards but has not yet received the international status commensurate with an early finding a standard system in the international discourse on development delay.


    "Renewable Energy Law" (the amendment) was officially implemented.

    Difficulties ahead, focusing on implementation.

    News and Events "Renewable Energy Law" (amendment) on April 1 came into effect. Revised "Renewable Energy Law" there are two bright spots, one to establish the full protection of renewable energy of the acquisition system, and second, the establishment of renewable energy development fund. Ministry of Finance, Bureau of Energy and other government departments have said before, has been in financial support, to prepare specific detailed measures and make the greatest efforts to promote the effective implementation of the Act.

    The revised law clearly, by the State Council department in charge of energy together with the State Electricity Regulatory agencies jointly supervise the implementation of priority scheduling and power grid enterprises purchase renewable energy generation in full the specific approach.

    Comments, "Renewable Energy Law" (amendment) is for renewable energy in China over the past few years, the problems encountered in the development changes. The bill focuses on four aspects: First, renewable energy development planning; because of the recent rapid development of wind power society reflects, in some regions of disorder, the tendency of the blind, the coordination mechanisms is not yet perfect; second, development of renewable energy targets, that the quota system; third, development of renewable energy power generation priority scheduling approach; Fourth, the establishment of renewable energy fund, the previous "tariff add-on" into the financial, thus reducing its tax, and management practices.

    Four points above the core issue is the quota system, the Government in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" has been proposed for large-scale renewable energy power generation enterprises quota requirements, but only to quotas is not enough power generation enterprises, the need for local power grid and Government quota.

    Objectively speaking, the development of a quota system rather difficult and may make such a goal is easy, but the implementation is difficult. "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" quota of power plants proposed goals, lacks the supervision and inspection of the system, it is design management approach, the target can be checked, can be implemented. Really completed the "Renewable Energy Law" series of demands put forward needs to the industry long-term unremitting efforts, and policies are implemented to solve the distribution of benefits is the key.


    The first offshore wind power demonstration project is completed pre-acceptance test.

    Opened offshore wind screen TV to create more wind power in the history of the first.

    News Aug. 31, thousands of Shanghai Donghai Bridge 10 upwind power demonstration projects Wahe all wind farm of 34 Sinovel SL3000 wind turbine, offshore wind farm projects successfully completed 240 hours of pre-acceptance test.

    10 thousands of Shanghai Donghai Bridge is the world Wahe upwind power projects.

    Outside Europe, the first offshore wind power project, but also China's first offshore wind power demonstration project countries. The project is located east of the East China Sea Bridge, the Shanghai area, 8-13 km from the coastline, with an average depth of 10 meters, the total installed capacity of 102 MW, Sinovel used in all the 34 independent R & D 3 MW offshore wind power station unit. Generating capacity in future years is expected to reach 260 million degrees.

    Comments offshore wind farm in the East China Sea Bridge wind farm construction in the history of our country created a number of "firsts": the first national offshore wind power demonstration projects; for the first time using self-developed 3-MW offshore type units, marking China's large power of wind turbine equipment manufacturing ranks among the world's advanced; for the first time the whole lifting process by offshore wind turbines, offshore construction period shortened to create a month on board in the fixture assembly 10, lifting the sea 8 records; in the world the first use of high-pile cap foundation design, bearing an effective solution to the towering fan, uplift, horizontal movement of technical problems ... ...

    Shanghai Donghai Bridge project opened the construction of offshore wind power in China the big screen, realized the true sense of offshore wind power breakthrough, breaking the international embargo and the technology monopoly, price discrimination, for our country economically developed areas in the construction of sea and wind accumulated valuable experience in the electric field.


    The first offshore wind power tender result announced.

    Development of offshore wind power into the scale, the price can not reflect the true costs.

    News October 8, offshore wind power concession projects four projects bidding, with a total installed capacity of 1000MW, all located in Jiangsu, and it includes the coastal, Sheyang, East Taiwan and Dafeng four wind power projects. More successful wind farm project operators are subsidiaries of central enterprises, are attributed to Datang Group, China Power Investment Group, State Grid Corporation and Guodian. The four wind power projects are also delineated the fan machine manufacturers, won the Coastal Sinovel 300MW, 300MW Sheyang two items, get Dafeng Goldwind 200MW project, Shanghai Electric will be Dongtai 200MW project.

    The offshore wind power project, coastal, Sheyang, Dongtai, Dafeng bid price of four projects were 0.7370 yuan / kwh, 0.7047 yuan / kwh, 0.6235 yuan / kwh, 0.6396 yuan / kwh, and the highest land-based wind power is similar to the benchmark price 0.61 yuan.

    Earlier, the National Energy Board has to Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan provinces, authorities issued a notice of 11, around the reporting requirements of the offshore wind power concession projects.

    Reviews the first round of offshore wind power concession projects to complete, marks the offshore wind power into the scale of the development phase, the future of wind power offshore wind power will become the highlight of the new development. The thousands of Wahe 100 upwind power concession project is China's first offshore wind power concession projects that offshore wind power project to enter commercial demonstration projects by the promotion phase.

    Currently four offshore wind power concession projects awarded low price, can not fully reflect the true cost is expected there will be more follow-up project to finalize the concession offshore wind benchmark price. Although the tender offer are not the lowest bid, the price factor in the evaluation of about 50% of the weight, but 0.62-0.74 yuan / kWh of electricity may also be low. Offshore wind power installation and maintenance costs are high, resulting in wind farm projects operating profitability of enterprises is weak, the next will need more concession projects to finalize the benchmark price of offshore wind power.


    China's first self-developed 5-megawatt wind turbine produces.

    Trend is clearly large-scale wind turbine manufacturer staged an arms race.

    News October 12, the nation's largest wind turbine manufacturer Sinovel Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. officially announced its own research and development, and has the world's independent intellectual property rights officially 5-megawatt wind turbine produces, This is China's first 5 MW wind turbine. At the same time, 6-megawatt wind turbine research and development is well advanced and will be produced next year.

    It is understood that Sinovel series of 5-megawatt wind turbine, including land, sea, intertidal Series models, is a technology leader in the global mainstream grid-friendly wind turbine, with a single power, installed capacity per unit area large wind energy utilization efficiency, and good economic returns. Single 5 MW wind turbines, each generating up to 10 million degrees.

    Comment by 2006, kilowatt wind turbine in China are dominant, when the country has not a MW fan, but became popular in overseas markets, megawatt-class products, the gap between China and the world is round. Qian was envisaged in the 21st century part of the energy needs of China's many millions of kilowatt wind turbine to provide, the reality beyond the scientists expected.

    In order to eat dry pressing net profit kilowatt wind turbine, many domestic manufacturers deliberately pushed back the timetable for development of megawatt-class products. Sinovel meteoric rise, first produced in 2006 megawatt, large-scale race fans opened the curtain, 1.5 MW, 2 MW, 3 MW and 5 MW produced in the interval thus become increasingly shorter.

    Large fan with high efficiency, good economic returns, the advantages of advanced technology, reflecting the development trends of the fan, but it is not the simple sum of low-power fan, key technologies, parts supply chain is a severe test on the manufacturer Moreover, is not wind resource conditions are suitable for any high-power fan. Therefore, in this large-scale competition, companies should take a good degree.


    The list of new energy new industries of strategic list.

    The Government is determined to translate into business confidence.

    News October 18, the Chinese government net full release, "the State Council on accelerating the development of new industries and development of a strategic decision." "Decision" that "second five" in China will focus on cultivating and developing energy-saving environmental protection, new energy, new energy vehicles and other seven industries, 2015, strategic and emerging industry accounts for the proportion of gross domestic product, and strive to achieve 8%; to 2020, this proportion will strive to reach 15%; again after 10 years of efforts, and strategic innovation in emerging industries and the overall level of industrial development reached the world advanced level.

    "Decision" made, will accelerate the establishment of new industries conducive to the development of strategic and important industry-standard product technical standards, optimal management procedures for approval of market access; In addition, sound fiscal and financial policies support system, guide and encourage investment in social capital to encourage financial institutions to increase credit support to play multi-level capital market financing function; "decision" also emphasized the need to deepen the reform of the energy sector. This includes the establishment of a sound new energy, resource products pricing mechanisms and tax system, implementation of new energy quota system and implement new energy power generation system for full protection of the acquisition of major pollutants and carbon emissions trading system and power system and so on.

    Reviews strategic position clear; emerging, indicating that the development prospects and immature. Include wind power industry official list of strategic emerging industries, means that the state will provide a full range of macro to micro support.

    Particularly interesting is that the "decision" to the industry, issued a seven quantitative indicators, to support these industries is not only the object is to create a source of profit, and around 2030 to become an important basis for the national economy, shows that the Government industrial transformation of China's determination.

    Support from the means of these seven industries can be seen, the Government sought to create favorable external conditions, rather than giving direct financial support, mainly depends on the vitality of the seven industry itself. Wind power as a new field of energy bear the brunt of the most mature industry, will usher in the heyday of the development. In a sense, the wind power into the new energy into, wind power Baize new energy lost.


    The first million kilowatts of wind power base project a completion.

    Achievements and challenges coexist, Jiuquan speed to be slow.

    News 3 November, China's first million kilowatts of wind power base project a completion. April 2008, the total size of 12.71 million kilowatts of Jiuquan million kilowatts of wind power base construction plan approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Jiuquan planning and construction of China and the world's first million kilowatts of wind power base.

    Jiuquan a project is August 8, 2009 launched the construction, the introduction of the 18 most powerful domestic-invested enterprises to develop wind power, by supporting the construction of the State Grid Corporation of unified power grid project, co-ordinate access to the Northwest Power Grid Dispatching. A project planning and construction of 5.16 million kilowatts of wind power installed capacity, so far, the actual completion of 5.36 million kilowatts.

    Jiuquan wind power base with the completion of Phase I, Phase II project in Gansu will be started simultaneously, the total size of the proposed second phase project of 800 million kilowatts, "Twelve Five" into production.

    Comments Jiuquan "Land of the Three Gorges" project will bring thousands of yuan of investment, generate an annual sales income of billions of dollars, billions of dollars in taxes. However, in the back in full swing, we must recognize that the vast majority of these fans do not at present create any economic benefits. Currently the unit grid Guazhou only 60 million kilowatts, accounting for only 20% of the total installed capacity. Guazhou now is still a "rest of the wind farms."

    The development of domestic wind power industry there has been "built the first wind farm, grid after the plan" such a Forced Power Grid Corporation of discord business situation, the wind power installed capacity is too rapid development of power grid construction can not keep up with the pace of wind farm. For now, to 2015, Jiuquan first and second enclosure movement of wind power base has long been finished, the wind resources has demarcated sphere of influence.

    This year in September, Jiuquan 750 kV power transmission project to run. However, in the end of this year, 500 million kilowatts, 12 million kilowatts by 2015, rapid expansion of wind power, 750 kV power grid still can not access all the arrangements for wind power. Does not match the installed capacity of grid and the problem will continue to restrict million kilowatts of wind power base in Jiuquan, the actual value.

    Full use of wind power as a clean energy, natural resources, its future prospects no doubt, but the Chinese continue to create the fastest growing in the records at the same time, you need to make up their own "higher, stronger" short board.

    Jiuquan wind power will soon wrap up the first phase of the next "five-second" in the settled, clear understanding of the context of the problem, slowing down the pace of development is a rational choice.


    Start the National Energy Board survey of wind power equipment quality.

    Promote the healthy development of the industry, be aware of.

    News events by the end of October there is news that the National Energy Board launched a major investigation of wind power equipment quality, the National Energy Board of new energy and renewable energy, Deputy Director Shi Lishan, said in an interview: "This year, more than windy place power quality events, the National Energy Board is an important reason for this large survey. China wind power development speed, scale, quality problems of individual fan is difficult to avoid the development of wind power in foreign countries are also many incidents of accidents, the problem is not less. The key is to find the problem, face the problems squarely, and ultimately solve the problem. "It is reported that the quality of the investigation of wind power equipment, specific assistance by the Chinese Wind Energy Association.

    Reviews the quality of wind power should not really any "news." Any one industry in its development process, quality issues "go hand in hand" is the objective law. One hundred years of history to see the automobile industry, there is still a lot of vehicles do not recall a situation? On the most stringent safety and quality control of the aviation industry, there is no one hundred percent quality to eliminate accidents. Wind power is no exception, no need to "make a fuss." Major foreign wind power companies, whether it is VESTAS, GE, SIEMENS, or gold wind, Hua Rui, East steam in its development, also appeared in such kind of problems. And more important than the problem itself is discovering, analyzing and solving problems, and gradually the failure rate to a minimum.

    Recent research from the quality of the situation, the current overall operation of wind power equipment in good condition, the failure rate in the normal range, individual major accidents have occurred mostly in wind turbine manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance process management is not triggered in place, there is no significant wind turbine design flaws.

    As a high-speed development of new industries, there are some problems not to be surprised. Fit the actual needs of the healthy development of industry criticism, but more insight to solve the problem.


    Wind power machine into 3,000 times.

    Fan costs become more transparent, the price is still falling space.

    News October 26, "Bashang million kilowatts of wind power base two" and "Xinjiang Hami million kilowatts of wind power base in south-east wind zone" at the tender wind turbine, the wind technology to 3850 yuan / kW , Sinovel to 3983 yuan / kilowatt offer, declaration of 1.5 MW wind turbine cost below 4,000 yuan per kilowatt. In addition, the Shanghai Electric 2.0-megawatt unit 3899 yuan / kW, Dongfang Electric 2.5-megawatt unit 4036 yuan / kW and 3.0 MW wind power Ming Yang WTG 4100 yuan / kilowatt offer, but also created new records of their different levels .

    Reviews Since 2007, the average cost per kilowatt wind turbine 6,000 yuan from 3,000 yuan in all the way down, was about to play half, and was worried about the vicious competition among enterprises is being performed, the long run is difficult to guarantee quality fan.

    However appliances review, the history of automotive and other industries, perhaps in the eighties and nineties was hard to think that today higher quality, more functional products, prices still falling but the course.

    Wind power machine of different companies and wind farm developers, which because of its state-owned background and development of renewable energy mandatory targets, but also on the short-term losses. The whole business of private equity capital in the proportion that it is impossible "赔本赚吆喝." Fans can drop the price to explain the following reasons:

    First, the more full market competition. The whole business of nearly 80, the competition for the market, enterprises inevitably begin to take the "puerile" road. Second, scale, standardization reduces manufacturing costs. Economics, the average cost curve product "U" shape (the vertical axis is the average cost, the horizontal axis is the number of products), companies can rapidly expand production, to each fan on the amortized cost is bound to decline rapidly, and has not yet been reached inflection point. Third, the machine can pass the cost of business. Most parts of China wind power than the machine but also intense competition, lower prices brought the whole parts supply contract re-signed. Finally, the companies have formed a stable and mature technology team. Stable and mature staff to improve work efficiency greatly.

    Over the course of four has not completed, the price is still falling space fan, this is a necessary stage of industrial development, although spare parts and machine operators occasionally complain that business is not good to do a few years ago, but from China's overall energy situation in perspective, wind and other renewable energy sources and coal and other traditional energy sources only competitively priced, sustainable development can continue.


    United States National Energy Board for the first time wind power projects docking.

    A loss of wind power company, the road long way to go to sea.

    News December 6, the National Energy Board and other departments held a "Chinese enterprises to invest in U.S. wind power project" seminar, the seminar focused on the first export of domestic wind power problem. Troubled wind farm developers, wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises for years to break the ice.

    At the meeting, they discussed the business aspects of international strategy, including product, policy, finance, legal, tax and other issues, exposing companies to the international market, lack of basic understanding of difficult obstacles.

    Comments in the country, China's wind power company famous; in foreign countries, China's wind power companies are quick to catch up with migrant workers, and for many "ABC" type of basic question at a loss. National Energy Board of new and renewable energy sources Shi Lishan, deputy director of domestic enterprises to invest overseas joked wind power as "migrant." Vendors self-deprecating manner, said: "We only have money than migrant workers."

    In 2009, China exported only fan the installed capacity of 28,750 kilowatts, of which some are homegrown self, and then add the domestic installed capacity of 13 million kilowatts of wind power than can be said to drop in the ocean.

    The development of domestic wind power market will eventually slow down the speed of the day, the overseas market can not only create profits, but also to corporate clients market diversification, east west light does not shine, is an important enterprise to ensure stable and sustainable development. Now is not whether to open up overseas markets, but how to do it. Seminar organized by the National Energy Board had a good head, but a meeting can not solve many problems, such enterprises should be more engaged in the forum welcome to form a long-term mechanism, because we need to do work is too much.

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