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Recalling the moments equipment manufacturing 2010

    Blink of an eye, but also to the end of the year drew to a close. In 2010, the field of energy science and technology equipment, the good news keeps pouring in, very fruitful. Technological innovation time and time again, a major breakthrough item, like a beginning and end of the year strung pearls.


2010 Wind Power Industry News Comments

    Editor's note: In 2010, China's wind power development continues the momentum of previous years, the hot, new, and ranked both the cumulative installed capacity will be world champion.

    From the "Renewable Energy Law" amendment to the implementation of wind power list of the list of strategic emerging industries, the first offshore wind power tender terms, the state support of wind power is increasing; start from the National Energy Board survey of wind power quality promote the construction of wind power industry standards point of view, glue gun all the wind power industry, more attention to the qualitative leap from quantity; produced from the 5 megawatt wind turbines for the first time, fall into the kilowatt price of 4,000 yuan terms, wind power machine to reduce costs in a rapidly while accelerating towards the large scale, the whole industry to re-shuffle pattern has emerged; wind power from the docking American point of view, glue stick the sea wind power companies to do homework and to pay the tuition fees is also difficult to measure; million kilowatts from the first wind power base in the project a completion point of view, the construction of wind power base in the achievements and issues exist, the speed of development of wind power needs to re-examine.


Tianwei change the world's first million-kilowatt air-cooled power unit

     28, Huadian Ningxia Power Company Limited Unit 3 of the second phase project successfully passed 168 hours full load operation, marking the world's first million-kilowatt-class ultra-supercritical air cooling unit put into production.


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