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Failure of the 2010 terminal network operators the industry's proud story

    Ze from the strict sense, the bridge is not a network provider, I'm just in the electrical industry, a 16-year terminal technology!

    This, too, I want to describe the failure of one of the reasons it!

    Failure of network operators say they are:

    The first is the lack of confidence in network marketing and passion;

    Second,glue stick the lack of understanding of learning ability is very low, it remains a rookie! Of course, in any case have been friends and agreed to take off this year, rookie of the hat;

    The third is the OCS 4 years, I have not received a single from the network, at this point himself shame ah!

    So today friends of humor sarcasm borrowed about yourself: As a loser, I really was too successful! The only progress is I'm not copying the full text of this title.

    Ze failure to see the bridge, I think all my friends are concerned: Since 4 years did not answer a single Ze Bridge Why do you still network mixed ah?

    Today I talk about the reasons:

    From the perspective of network marketing, online marketing should be a profound knowledge, extensive cultivation process, the concept of quick success to be tolerated. It requires us to do this a lot of preparation and hard work pglue gun ay, in this regard I believe we have a lot of experience and successful experience.

    I was involved as an e-commerce network marketing of 70, the first is optimistic about prospects for the development of its extremely beautiful; followed by more focused on business promotion and brand building; Third, I always think to sell your product than to sell the importance of the accumulation to make friends Key contacts are my friends, is the biggest wealth in life!

    Year's theme is "green industry, red moving China," 2010 China Top Ten selection of electrical activity, electrical industry witnessed annual awards event. Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing held a grand rally. From the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, the China Electrotechnical Society and other organizations related to leadership, the domestic electric industry experts, HC net buyers, as well as CCTV, Beijing TV, Sina, Tencent and other media of more than 300 representatives attended the meeting. In nearly a million users online message support groups HC buyers line voting and assessment of industry experts, the "2010 China Top Ten selection of electrical industry," announced the major awards site selection results, Nanjing Sanmen Bay Electric Company Limited With the market in the electrical industry, outstanding achievements, has been elected the "2010 China top ten electrical industry innovator," Ze-bridge was re-elected general manager of the "2010 China top ten electrical industry leader" title.

    "China's electrical industry Ten Award" is the most authoritative evaluation of electrical activity. Awarded the electrical industry "Oscar" award is an important corporate branding honor to the enterprise brand competition far-reaching implications, therefore, China's annual Top Ten selection of the electrical industry high-end awards ceremony to become the industry event. ! HC network through participation in various activities, not only demonstrates our company's products, leaving friends to know Ze-bridge, e-commerce team as we expand, many friends but also indirectly from them, get to know me, this is the network information effect.

    Because the company in product development, marketing, quality management, customer service, various efforts to improve and increase the strength and competitiveness of enterprises to continuously improve our products and services, with offices around the country, supporting the export products are exported to international markets. Customer-focused, and strive to excellence in quality, leading technology, complete variety, reasonable price and best services to meet the needs of most customers, but our product promotion, brand building has a subtle effect is . Inquiry clerk can answer, the intention customers can track the sales staff, customers come here especially for our achievements in Sanmen Bay terminal, the final conversion rate is an undeniable fact:

    In 2008 sales of 500 million, from the network share of close to 10%;

    2009 sales of 6.5 million yuan, nearly 50% share from the network;

    2010 sales of 9.1 million yuan, more than 50% share from the network.

    Marketing efforts to increase the network in 2011, is also to a higher level it? I will make every effort, my friends to wait and see!

    I have always believed in doing prior life, live and learn, like learning-by-doing, believe that practice comes real knowledge. Although I can not do network marketing completely satisfied with the boss, but I believe he can do better, and this is the reason I have always been.

    Thank you very much "HC Network" Give me another chance to show the rookie, but I hope you to teach, interact more, learning is an eternal theme in my life.

    Sanmen Bay Electric official website:

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