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2015 Tibetan electricity energy leaps and bounds to reach 95% coverage

    May 23, we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet. 60-year history of changes, 60 years of glorious development. Today's Tibet, is in the best period of development in history. 'Second five' to concentrate on during the 'eight to the farm' projects - water, electricity, roads, telecommunications, gas, radio and television, postal and beautiful environment. "Tibet Autonomous Region People's Government of President Lin Pema Red State Council Information Office on May 19 news conference that the central government's special concern for the strong support and the people in Tibet after the peaceful liberation of democratic reform, the establishment of autonomous regions, the reform open four historical stages, through the magnificent development process, creating a short six years, across thousands of miracles,glue gun to achieve a two spans: one is the social system of the cross, leapt from the feudal serfdom society capitalist system; a leap in economic and social development, poverty and backwardness to open from the closed off civilization.

    In 1951, Tibet's GDP is only 129 million yuan in 2010 to 50.746 billion yuan, according to comparable prices,glue stick an increase of nearly 111.8 times the average annual increase of 8.3%. 60 years in Tibet, especially in energy infrastructure a good interpretation of Tibet's economic leap. "China Energy Report" Reporters learned that a severe shortage of energy in old Tibet, only one 125 kW, only a handful of the nobility to enjoy, a small intermittent power generation plant. Peaceful liberation 60 years, the rapid development of Tibet's electricity, mainly in hydropower, geothermal, wind, solar and other new energy systems can complement each other fully completed.

    New energy systems can complement each other more fully completed

    Counterpart support to improve energy infrastructure in Tibet

    "China Energy Report" interview with reporters that Tibet is in the power industry after the peaceful liberation of Tibet, gradually developed. Reconstruction from the central station of the first Nagin, Tibet power industry from small to large. Especially the reform and opening up and the second work in Tibet since the state has increased support, the power has been rapid development in Tibet. At present, Tibet to water-based integrated energy system is to speed up the establishment, Shiquanhe, straight holes, ba ciguatera and other power plant put into production, possession of timber, fruit and other plant construction and more smoothly. In 2010, the region's total installed electricity capacity of 974,000 kilowatts, the region's population of nearly 238 million electricity, 82% of the total population.

    "Eleventh Five-Year" period, adding 740,000 Tibetan agriculture and animal husbandry on a civilian power, the basic realization of village phone, radio and television comprehensive population coverage rate of 90.3%.

    "Eleventh Five-Year" period, to improve the living environment of farming and pastoral areas, pastoral areas used in daily life to solve the problem of inadequate state has invested 500 million yuan, now 53 counties in Tibet, a rural biogas project, the 122,000, 61 million people have access to clean energy.

    "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Tibet carrying out the "Golden Sun Technology Project." Currently, Tibet has accumulated to promote solar cookers 395,000 units, promoting solar cookers average annual increase of 10%, solar central heating an area of ??10,000 square meters, wind power capacity of 220 kilowatts, there were altogether about 200,000 farmers and herdsmen families rely on photovoltaic dream round the lights, nearly 700,000 farmers and herdsmen from the use of solar energy products and benefits.

    Energy infrastructure in Tibet have achieved today is inseparable from the State Council's care and attention. 60 years, the central government not only did not take a penny from Tibet, but Tibet financial transfer payments to continue to increase, the central direct investment more than 16 billion yuan, from 1952 to 2010 the central financial subsidies to Tibet reached 300 billion yuan, an increase of 22.4%.

    Tibet Autonomous Region People's Government Information Office to provide to the "China Energy Report" correspondent of the information, since 1980, the central working conference on Tibet held on five separate occasions to develop a series of special preferential policies, has mobilized 18 provinces, the central and state authorities more than 60 parts of 17 central enterprises counterpart support. 1994-2010, counterpart support Tibet's economic and social projects 4393, a total investment of 13.3 billion yuan.

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