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Clou East wind power steam services to carry out strategic cooperation

      Clou Clou under a new subsidiary to Sichuan Electric Co., Ltd. and Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. signed a "strategic cooperation agreement with wind power services."

     Clou said that if the smooth implementation of the strategic cooperation issues, will help companies to expand business scope, extensive product line,glue gun new products boost wind power converter to successfully enter the market, effectively enhance overall competitiveness. The term of the agreement the two sides will sign the relevant commercial contracts, the contract amount, method of payment and other specific matters agreed upon.

     Announcement revealed that the signing of the agreement, determine the Sichuan new wind power equipment in the whole life cycle, professional services, glue stick equipment, machine and spare parts sales to drive profitability model, with major customers to establish long-term partnership that will allow the new to Sichuan the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements more products are guaranteed for the development of new products to provide favorable conditions. In addition, new energy products in Sichuan and foreign equipment manufacturers to compete, to achieve a strategic advantage, as the Sichuan can bring long-term stable source of income.

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