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Different strategy: who will be the country's electrical NO. 1 brand

Long triangle brand, China electric brand, who will be the country's electrical NO. 1 brand?
May be NO. 1 seed enterprise in where?
A, do not underestimate--change especially electrician
In 2006, change especially electrician ranking "China electrical industry 100 strong" third, output value reached 44. 8.7562 trillion.

Change especially electrician, is one of the few have become a world-class brand temperament of Chinese electrical enterprise. And "China electrical industry 100 strong" other listed enterprise comparison, change especially electrician attached great importance to brand image. At present change especially electrician has won the "Chinese famous brand", "Chinese famous brand product", "nation inspection-exempted products" and so on the title. And "China electric industry of the" top 100 private, by contrast, change especially electrician has enough capital support, glue gunin the national market and international market with the elaborate layout.

Change especially electrician in China electrical market calmly sitting: in liaoning, tianjin, hunan and xinjiang established four modern transformer manufacturing base, in shandong, sichuan and xinjiang established three cable manufacturing base, in xinjiang and west become established new energy manufacturing base, and formed a "northwest-southwest-south China north east China- -the northeast" manufacturing pattern and echo each other at 3 big mutual reliance industries and mutual support of the chain of listed companies and clusters. Thanks to international vision is a strategic change especially electrician level master layout.

Change especially electric brand present situation: China electrical face world-class electrical giant's advanced on, NO. 1 brand not only pay attention to the battlefield local victory, the practice of the Chinese revolution shows that no more than a strategic exalted. Change especially electrician already cannot satisfy in immersed himself in brand tactical items integration activities.

2 and undissipated attention to industry, heart and soul to sell electric-chengtai

In 2006, chengtai group ranked "China electrical industry 100 strong" fifth, output value reached 31. 7.232 trillion.

"Focused do industry, heart and soul to sell electric appliance." , is chengtai boss Mr NaCunHui accept "the first financial" TV interview a word. He also says, "I am a farmer" greetings. This "peasant" type of grasping, reminds me of the south the boss's "a pot of water" theory: that doesn't burn more pot of water, only burn a pot of water, can certainly will this pot of water to boil.

His other counterparts, jiangsu to transformer Co., LTD jiang boss have similar arguments: professional manufacture special transformer, like a mason brush wall, as long as a brush, continued to brush, can brush metope into a little blue.

Relative to chengtai attachments, China electrical some excellent enterprise found more source of income. But I believe that the future society, only two companies can survive, is a global company, is a professional company. I pay close attention to pay attention to the focus of China electric brand growth. In wenzhou electrical enterprises cluster, get "Chinese famous brand", "Chinese famous brand product", "nation inspection-exempted products," the enterprise is not a few, but I appreciate all the zhengtai group as, also promising prospects zhengtai brand.

Chengtai brand present situation: ten years ago wenzhou enterprise including chengtai, it is China's innovation engine is famous for its image. But in the 21 st century, in the face of international electric brand dozen come of dozen, wenzhou enterprise including chengtai in brand positioning, marketing channel, brand promotion,glue stick etc lack of creativity. NO. 1 brand, for the domestic colleague starting point the need to seek for the international enterprise need to find the same starting line. Will the international electrical giant pulled to own the same starting line, each time will have so of strategic space exist. Who first find such brand strategy space, who can restore the innovation of the ten years ago and the passion for big hero means I.

Three newcomers, whether on in? -CLP electrical

In 2006, the electric group ranked "China electrical industry 100 strong" 26, the output value to 13. 0.7889 trillion.

In 1999, the electrical insulation material production use dupont NOMEX paper SG10 dry type transformer, determine product environmental protection and green direction.

In 2003, the electrical launched high temperature resistant liquid immersion transformer products, using dupont insulation NOMEX paper and high flash point oil, to pose as new category, and further to define their own product development direction and green environmental protection.
In December 2004, the electric group to solar energy, photovoltaic solar production line positive demonstrates and formally put into production in six months.

The development of the electric ideas always around a theme--environmental protection and green direction. CLP electrical denied ever very hot real estate, no look around, even from transformer field breakthrough exposed the solar energy, and adhere to the principle of correlation. Especially for big trend of the forward-looking lock worldwide, clear have learned to a pair of international enterprise vision, let a person admire to your heart's content.

CLP electric brand present situation: its external image need deep innovation, brand promotion and marketing channel strategy, etc, and the boss LiuTingXiu leader that being compared, lack of excitement, slick and follow.

Long triangle and many of the seed enterprises, such as daqo, delixi, it was, people's, HuaYi, far east, huapeng transformer, pudong wire and cable, and so on, in the small long triangle, but also the power transmission from west, shun the change, and so on, tianwei's seed enterprise, in this not YiYiDaoLai.

China electric brand "three" problem

Seed enterprise does not necessarily be electrical NO. 1 brand, if there is electric brand "three" problem. The so-called electric brand "three" which is the brand image "paper change", brand influence "low-energy change", brand strategy "tactical change".

A brand image, "the paper"
The brand image "the paper," there are three performance: namely brand "GuangGaoHua", the brand "VI of manual", the brand "certificate of the".

The brand image "the paper of the first kind of performance is" GuangGaoHua ".
Often observed that some of the brand advertising accumulation products information, no image strategy, brand not many contributions.

I often visit of jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai area electric enterprise, sometimes see this phenomenon: another bad enterprise scene, then fuzzy brand impression, and poor brand management institutions, and you anything a visual identification manual. This is the brand image "paper of the" the second kind of performance, "manual of the"-brand.

Such brand trademark, but did not reflect the strategic brand symbol.
The brand image "paper of the" third kind of performance is "certificate of the".
Some excellent enterprise, is very concerned about the government at all levels of the certificate, and its brand the achievements of the thickness is equal to diploma borrow situation.

"The paper" brand like files, be filed in the envelope bag, big envelope bag to file frame, waiting to be paging through or a lifetime wait.

Second, brand influence "low-energy change"

China electric brand influence "low-energy change", the main reason is the plan means low-energy.

If only by a few magazine ads, plus the outdoor advertising communication means, how can we emerge from the domestic colleague? How can you catch up with Siemens, snyder, ABB and other international giant brand influence.

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