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Germany ambitious spending heavily to renewable energy superpower

Since the second world war Allies to overthrow, Germany--this one of Europe's largest economy began to large-scale energy market recovery work.

German chancellor Angela merkel is planning to build offshore wind farm, the area about six New York city so big, the power plant to power lines built from London extends to Baghdad. The German economy research institute, said the project will cost 200 billion euros ($), accounting for one third of the annual gross domestic product.

Germany also plan by using renewable energy to replace 17 nuclear reactor, through the use of solar energy and wind energy to provide one 5 power. General electric CEO StephanReimelt said, merkel wants to be successful new system to experiment and policy, and had to overcome obstacles project technology.

Reimelt in an interview, said: "Germany is like a large energy laboratory. National policy has reached to give up nuclear power and social consensus, but the lack of a clear technical solutions."

Of course, Germany's plan for the world's largest solar panels and manufacturers--suntech power and the world's largest wind turbines Vestas manufacturers exploit the market. From the German energy suppliers-Rhine (RWE) to meaning the group (EONAG) of a batch of utilities units are victims of the plan, the company has been strengthening cut costs, to control the early closed nuclear power plant by the flooding.

Germany is one of the first in response to a global energy demand and upgrade one of the countries power station. According to the international energy agency estimates that by 2035, the global needs at least investment $10 trillion for 5900 new GW of power generation system, is the United States all utilities units power generation system capacity of more than five times the sum, and renewable energy will account for half. In the United States,glue gun a auspicious tile energy than a nuclear reactor only a little bit small, enough to supply 800000 families power demand.

"Typical or disaster"

The German economy, senior energy experts ClaudiaKemfert said: "if the German renewable energy plan will succeed, then it in the worldwide economic system will be the typical; if it failed, the German political, social and economic would face a disaster."

Germany in the renewable energy industry in the development of the efforts of the power market is through Europe to global economic impact. Since the clean energy for preferential supply, in farms, sunny, wind turbines and solar battery power generation are packed with the national power grid, the natural gas power generation economic condition caused affected.

German environment minister NorbertRoettgen plan to 2030 in the north and Baltic sea wind farm, realize the 25000 MW power generation capacity, equivalent to 25 nuclear power plant energy. At present, has about 200 MW wind power plant near the coast is put into operation.

Other countries have made similar promises, and in renewable energy development ambitions, Germany is in Europe only fifth column. Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Slovenia the four countries have more hydroelectric power energy, to 2020 several national renewable energy ratio will be over Germany. And the United States on renewable energy and released no federal statutes; Japan also on to phase out nuclear power, and will be released in the next few months policy to achieve objectives.

Clean energy development obstacle

Roettgen to reach their goal still need to face many problems:

A, offshore wind turbines to the delay of the grid connections in 2020 the government put forward 10 GW target produced a threat. RWE and EON, say this is due to the slow licensing procedures and cable supply and the shortage of transformer substation.

Second, led China to suntech power enterprise to German solar energy producers great competition, greatly played down the product price profits and panels. German solar manufacturers including Solarworld, Q-Cells and ConergyAG are difficult to maintain operations.

Three, solar panels and wind turbines output is very unpredictable, it will affect the stability of the power grid. Last month, the Czech government complain say, because of northern Germany wind farm, creates the network overload, it almost on a blackout.

The government's mixed signals

Angela merkel I raises a question, and that is in the solar subsidies cut, how the enterprise to rapidly advancing photovoltaic new business. Last year, the German solar power generation capacity in history records, 7.5 GW installed solar power generation capacity, is the government target capacity of the two times. Therefore,glue stick Angela merkel government plans from April 1,, solar subsidies will be cut by 29%, and from may to cut up every month.

Germany's advantage is that it is the first to provide clean energy subsidies economic power. In early 2004 the country introduced a higher than the market price of solar power tariff, and this has in total power generation in Germany as the world's largest solar panel market.

By the end of last year, the German wind and solar power system has reached 53.8 GW. At present, it has built the world's largest renewable energy comprehensive facilities. Italy last year by 9 GW solar panels, the first time beyond Germany to become the largest solar market. The UK plans to build 2020 of the offshore wind farm 18 GW.

Some of the large enterprise has Germany into renewable energy business areas, and for expanding industry scale provide innovation technical support. The largest auto parts supplier Bosch group (RobertBoschGmbH) also in solar power investment in the 1.5 billion euros for the purchase of a business and the establishment of the new factory.

The German ministry Roesler minister said: "this kind of energy conversion is a kind of innovation, if we do it right, that will bring many economic growth opportunity."



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