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« Our country electric tools to increase exports pay more attention to the quality Five jincheng improve adornment hardware competition ability structure changes »

To enhance the grade of diversity in hardware locks are expected to better development

Decorate adornment hardware covers a wide range of, mainly including furniture hardware, locks hardware, doors, Windows, hardware, plumbing hardware, sanitary hardware, lighting hardware, kitchen hardware, manual, electric tools hardware, electrical accessories hardware, etc. Series.

After more than ten years of development, at present, the sale has basically formed a modern decoration decoration hardware sales of the important base. Jinyun, wuyi, jinhua, the famous and other neighboring counties and jiangxi, anhui, hunan, jiangsu, and neighboring provinces and buyers who are, to decorate adornment hardware sales brought fresh breath.

In recent years, along with the further expand the market popularity and the improving of the business class, the decoration of the sale decorative hardware business structure and the product profound changes have taken place in the structure.

The change of the structure of business mainly embodies in the business and expansion of the size of the modern marketing methods and the intervention. From earlier in the YiLiuEr now glitzy ambition being four or five shop and even more than 10 stores, just a few short years, decoration hardware business scale has never know how much expanded. Nine nine decoration, bean decoration, precious stones, decoration, new nine bell adornment, a famous dealer.

TOTO sanitary ware, four dimensional sanitary ware, glue gunAsia ceramics, Santa fe and sliding door, verona ecological brick, kelon electrical appliances, and other famous brand marketing, and such as YongJiang distribution center, type chain of distribution, tourist shopping mall and jincheng kitchen utensils and other supermarket type of business, and the network trade, foreign trade and other modern marketing methods, the market management structure was the comprehensive innovation.

The change of the structure of products is mainly embodied in the increase of the number of product category and the ascension of class. Such as kitchen hardware of the hot water supply, too, from the previous firewood to boil water development to the water heater burning gas, electric water heater, the solar energy water heater and induction cooker, electric kettle hot water supply, etc.

Lighting hardware is to ordinary families lighting segments, the adornment with lamps, highway landscape lamps, entertainment and the hotel services such as hotel lamps and lighting industry, is dazzling, pattern. Dealers also introduces, in recent years, the glass and metal products packaging decoration hardware beautiful, development is rapid, such as tea table, bed, wardrobe, dining table, etc, become the modern family a big choice; Second, copper, stainless steel,glue stick iron and present a classic breath metal adornment hardware development is also very rapidly; Integral kitchen hardware and sanitary hardware market is more and more big, in addition, a series of new type decoration decoration hardware development and innovation, such as induction faucet, induction garbage processor, fingerprint lock, prevent slippery floor and so on, and further improve the packaging decoration hardware the class of the product.

In addition, the decoration decoration hardware function also is on the increase, such as the window from the simple daylighting product development for both energy saving, sound insulation effect of products. Plastic material and accessories with fire retardant ability. All these function expansion, make it become an important part of the building at the same time, the more greatly improve the packaging decoration hardware market competition ability.

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