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Electrical equipment: four gold ingot ultra-high voltage technology exchange is agreed

A week view: recent we suggest that continue to focus on the theme of ultra-high voltage circuit investment opportunities and low voltage power distribution equipment son high-growth industries continue.

Uhv: this week held in new Delhi, the compound national leaders met for the fourth time in energy technology on four exchange include uhv transmission technology exchanges consensus. We think this is actively promote SGC ultra-high voltage technology go out of the country, took the development overseas uhv transmission market the first step. In addition, "jiang electric foreign send", the two lines hami-zhengzhou, Hamilton-qinghai is expected to start is expected to approve the qaidam recently. This year is estimated to have many uhv transmission lines start for approval.glue gun In low voltage distribution: "1025" during the national power grid (the Po) increase investment in distribution network, in the grid infrastructure investment, power distribution network of 750 kV and below 27.7% of the grid investment, the proportion of the "eleventh five-year plan" is increased by 3.7%. Article 2012 the investment is expected to reach 83 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24.2%. Distribution companies quarter the general situation forecast good, at present the abundant order, we judge in the first half of 2012 enterprise growth performance pressure is not big. Power electronics: low voltage inverter industry growth in the last year of only 7%, in February quarter later parts manufacturer shipments began to increase, the market to appear warmer symptom, we expect in the second quarter of market demand not worse than quarter. High-voltage inverter in the national market energy saving and emission reduction policy the push of relatively stable growth, if macroeconomic situation did not appear continued to worsen, we expect industry will be 10% ~ 20% year-on-year of real growth. Photovoltaic (pv) : we continue to the photovoltaic industry cautious attitude. This week, and more at home and abroad home photovoltaic enterprise declare bankruptcy or close subsidiary factories, enterprises in the industry reshuffle speed. The price, photovoltaic industry chain product prices continue to fall,glue stick including polycrystalline silicon prices dropped most. At present industry is in the valley of the worst business, but we in the industry is expected to reshuffle adjustment and prices fall Yin situation will still last for a period of time, is expected to have the second half or better.

Industry news dynamic
1) national leaders met fourth gold ingot held in new Delhi, India. The meeting in energy technology exchanges consensus: China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa have power center and load center from distant problem, need to develop long-distance transmission technology, ultra-high voltage is one of the most prospects of a kind.

2) the national grid company general manager LiuZhenYa first public comment, think should stick to the existing distribution integration, scheduling and grid integration pattern. He thinks that the direction of the cable to should establish a government under the supervision of unity open, competitive and orderly electric power market system, and the key to let go of power generation market and sell electricity market two head, improve the distribution of power grid link supervision, and formed a "much more than the seller" of the market structure.

The listed company, the dynamic Beijing sharp: the first quarter of this year 40% year-on-year growth of the order, from the annual trend, increase the priorities of the bidding product of the enterprise DuZao dynamics, to change, the modular substation company box products such as maintain relative stability margin.

Samsung electrical, HaoNing of listed company in the first batch of state grid watt-hour meter and bidding the watt-hour meter and 847231 were only 474581 only (HaoNing of products containing the 32940 only focused device, terminal), the amount of 188 million yuan and 109 million yuan respectively.

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