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Sichuan Changhong: Third quarter total revenues of more than ten billion yuan

    October 28 morning news, Sichuan Changhong last night (October 27) released the results showed, in the third quarter, total revenues 10.695 billion U.S. dollars,glue stick up 26.45% over last year, net profit of 53.2033 million yuan, down 0.12 %.

    1 September this year, Sichuan Changhong 29.307 billion yuan of business revenue,glue gun up 34.84% over last year, net profit of 93,833,200 yuan.

    Sichuan Changhong also considered by the board yesterday, two motions, respectively, Mianyang Branch of China Construction Bank, Sichuan Branch Bank of Communications to apply equivalent 1.55 billion yuan, and 6 billion credit line.

     Sichuan Changhong also decided to provide 5 594 hospitals owned subsidiary line of credit, which, as the Display Technology Co., Ltd. Sichuan, Hong 3 billion, Sichuan Changhong Information Products Co., Ltd. for 2 million.

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