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Recalling the moments equipment manufacturing 2010

    Blink of an eye, but also to the end of the year drew to a close. In 2010, the field of energy science and technology equipment, the good news keeps pouring in, very fruitful. Technological innovation time and time again, a major breakthrough item, like a beginning and end of the year strung pearls.

    Singled out from a string of pearls is not easy most dazzling pearl. But we still struggled to the selection of the energy equipment industry in China since this year a few moments, glue gun reliving the past on the gains and losses, glue stick the power forward once again to learn.


    High-end equipment manufacturers a strategic emerging industries.

    In 2010, our equipment industry in a number of points to achieve a breakthrough, and the birth of a number of innovative technologies. But when it comes to influence, issued Oct. 10, "the State Council on accelerating the development of new industries and the development of strategic decision" undoubtedly the most significant. Document clearly the high-end equipment manufacturing as a key development in the seven strategic emerging industries, this policy orientation, influence not only in the moment, more in the future. It clarifies the equipment manufacturing the next 5 years or longer term development context and equipment manufacturing is expected to become a catalyst for industrial upgrading.

    As the industry said, included in strategic emerging industries of the seven industries, energy-saving environmental protection industry, biological industry, new materials, new energy vehicles, new energy industry, a new generation of information technology industry are inseparable from the six industries On the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. High-end equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic foundation for the development of new industries, is support. Strategic new industries can not develop without the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry.

    At present, most of the development of the manufacturing sector still remain in the low end of the industrial chain to produce low value-added products. Front-end and back-end sales of R & D links are controlled by others. This is not conducive to development and expansion of the equipment manufacturing industry. There is also an important paradox: the host reach critical components necessary requirements. The state has vigorously promote the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, with particular reference to strengthen capacity of infrastructure facilities, and actively develop digital, flexible, and system integration technology as the core of the intelligent manufacturing equipment. This means that key parts of the short board is expected to make up the pattern at the low end of the industrial chain is expected to change.

    Former vice president of Mechanical Science Research Institute Qu Xianming think that the national level will be high-end equipment manufacturers a strategic emerging industries, namely to encourage the development of equipment manufacturing industries to high-end, has played a leading role in the policy, local government active in developing high-end equipment manufacturing; Second, it helps to encourage enterprises to strengthen the independent innovation in research and development, to effectively promote the company's dominant position as an innovation in place as soon as possible; third is beneficial to the upgrading of traditional industries, the traditional machinery industry energy and materials, and production line upgrades, the upgrading of products have a significant role in promoting.


    Tianjin "big vinyl" project high localization rate.

    January 16, the largest domestic construction million tons of ethylene a single set of equipment - 100 million tons of Tianjin Petrochemical / year ethylene plant a successful drive, and the production of qualified products. So far, Sinopec Tianjin one million tons of ethylene and related projects (referred to as the "big vinyl" project) fully completed and put into production. The project not only pioneered the China Petrochemical million tons of ethylene driving record, but also created a domestic building similar devices in new high localization rate.

    "Great ethylene" project is currently under construction, the highest localization rate similar device projects, oil refining and ethylene equipment localization rate reached 91.5% and 78%, a strong impetus to upgrade the level of domestic equipment manufacturing industry. Apart from some installations the introduction of foreign patent rights and technology from kits, basically the domestic oil refining technology, most of the use of ethylene or co-development of domestic technology, further enhance the capacity of independent innovation. It is particularly worth mentioning is that, as the core of a large ethylene plant equipment - ethylene cracking gas compressor and cold box for the first time manufactured by domestic manufacturers.

    The first set of ethylene plant in China was born in 1962 in Lanzhou Petrochemical with an annual capacity of 5,000 tons, the U.S. ethylene capacity over the same period was only 1 / 400. Behind not only the capacity, when all of China's dependence on imported ethylene equipment. Even 11 years later, settled in the first set of Yanshan Petrochemical 30 million tons of ethylene, not only by the introduction of a full set of technology, and even the factory screws are imported from abroad.

    Tianjin "big vinyl" the significance of the project has already exceeded its own, it provides us with useful experience: on with domestic conditions, and actively making relevant preparations, while the import of certain equipment to explore the possibility of joint manufacturing at home and abroad .


    PV key equipment to break the foreign monopoly.

    The end of November, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation 48 bear the electronic information industry development fund "polysilicon ingot furnace development and industrialization" project and "closed tube of large diameter high-temperature diffusion / oxidation equipment" project passed inspection. This indicates that the key to China's solar PV industry to achieve major breakthroughs in equipment at home.

    Polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace is the key to the front of the PV industry chain equipment. The successful development of the device is China's solar photovoltaic solve large-scale production of polysilicon ingots of the technical bottleneck is conducive to improving China's PV industry chain, led to enhance the overall level of photovoltaic industry.

    According to statistics, in 2009, China's polysilicon, wafers, solar cells and modules worldwide production capacity, respectively, accounted for 25% of total capacity, 65%, 51% and 61%, China has become the world's leading exporter of solar products. However, the export of transcripts bright behind the development of the industry conceal his embarrassment.

    Currently, domestic enterprises are mainly concentrated in the production of components and solar application products downstream industry chain, and in the extraction of raw materials production line of the core technology and key equipment manufacturing, and other upstream is rare to get involved. Crystalline silicon cells, such as automatic screen printing machine and automatic sorting machines and other high-end test equipment, totally dependent on imports of key technologies. Raw materials, key technologies, equipment, market demand, "three out" so that the domestic photovoltaic industry, nose to the grindstone.


    S first self-million-kilowatt nuclear reactor pressure vessel manufacturing success.

    December 18, China's first fully independent design, self-forging, self-made million-kilowatt nuclear reactor pressure vessel - Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 Phase reactor pressure vessel, in China First Heavy Industries shares manufactured successfully passed the final acceptance of nuclear power plants concurrent to the Red river.

    As we all know, nuclear power plant reactor pressure vessel is the most critical equipment, it is the energy released into nuclear fuel, nuclear power provides energy for the container equipment. The device is an important safety barrier of nuclear power plants, is the heart of nuclear power plants, and in the lifetime of nuclear power plants can not be replaced. Therefore, it is the manufacturing of high quality requirements, technical difficulties, the manufacturing cycle so long and complex process. Currently, only the United States, France, Russia, Germany, Japan, South Korea, a few countries capable of producing million-kilowatt nuclear reactor pressure vessel.

    Over the past year, independent of the remarkable achievements of nuclear power equipment. January 15, Shaanxi Diesel Engine Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and the National Nuclear Engineering Co., Ltd. signed the AP1000 project by relying on independent diesel generator supply contract, which marks the realization of China's nuclear power plant emergency diesel engines in the domestic procurement group; April, the first branch rotor speed of 1,100 megawatts of nuclear power in China, the second half of Heavy Machinery Group Company passed the joint inspection, and packaging sent to the user, indicates that China has broken the monopoly of Japanese companies, able to independently produce large nuclear half speed rotor ... ...

    AP1000 equipment at home to achieve substantive results.

    Valve in the blast area, the application of nuclear Su valve and the Shaanxi Institute of Physical Chemistry (213) joint research team composed of blast valve, procurement of the valve body casting, shear cover other long-period shear Qiegaiyinke Nickel 690 materials, and with the heat treatment furnace , EDM and other large number of key processing equipment, blasting blasting unit valve body and research experiments have made great progress.
    Through cooperative research, Baosteel Group Corporation, Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Shanghai Atlantic Welding Materials Co., Ltd., Shandong Nuclear Power Nuclear Kenwood equipment companies, and companies are using SA738B steel in the containment, nuclear grade welding, molding development and field welded splice equipment, the overall transport, etc., overcome the many technical problems and process difficulties in the world's first master the manufacture of steel containment, loading, transportation and other new technologies.

    Aspects of autonomy except in equipment steadily outside. Another highlight of this year, private enterprises as an important force equipment began on the stage of nuclear power equipment manufacturing overall appearance. With the State Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. signed the AP1000 nuclear power mains and other equipment, several units of the action plan, in addition to double in China, the Bohai Heavy Industries and other state-owned enterprises, there Kat Lin Haoyu and other private enterprises. China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, for the first time open the door to private nuclear power equipment company, with 30 private energy equipment in Zhejiang Province signed a total amount of business about 10 billion cooperation agreement. As the industry has said, more than 300 nuclear power plants have a variety of systems, you need tens of thousands of sets of large and small parts, as a long chain of nuclear power industry, private enterprises can also get the opportunity to participate.

    Of course, the steady and rapid development of nuclear power equipment industry in the future also need to overcome many difficulties. For example, how to solve large-scale hydrogenation reactor, reactor pressure vessels and nuclear forgings production from a single piece to bring some of the problems.


    Successful independent research and special HVDC valve.

    August 15, at the National Energy Board Secretary for energy conservation and technology equipment, hosted at the identification of new product technology, independently developed by China EPRI of ± 800 kV / 4750 Ante HVDC valve passed technical appraisal. This means that China has fully mastered the DC converter design and manufacture of valve core technology R & D and technology, to achieve a real sense of the DC converter valve equipment at home, but also marked the EPRI become the Swiss ABB, Siemens, after , the world has a special master and third HVDC valve design and manufacturing and testing technology companies.

    As the core of HVDC equipment, HVDC valve development and manufacturing, is the complexity of one of the highest power equipment and technology, the DC transmission system known as the "heart", thyristor converter valve is the core component, converter valve known as the "movement" and the "nerve center of the parts." In order to UHV transmission lines installed, "China chip", China Electric Division postgraduate and CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute work together to invest several hundred million dollars, has developed the world's largest diameter, the maximum power a 6-inch crystal brake pipe.

    Its almost the same time, the DC voltage of the world's highest and largest capacity HVDC ± 800 kV transformer at Western Power Group, China successfully developed. Supervision by experts and representatives of power as the "manufacture sophisticated, reached the international advanced level of quality high-end transformer."

    Gezhouba to Shanghai to build China's power transmission project, the full set of equipment is imported from abroad, and to the building Xiangjiaba power transmission project to Shanghai, the main equipment to achieve self-reliance. In recent years, the Three Gorges power transmission project, Northwest 750 kV power transmission project, special high-voltage power transmission project, driven by major projects such as the domestic power transmission level of manufacturing industry has achieved a historic leap.

    Current situation from the industry, transmission and distribution equipment, including primary equipment and secondary equipment, the master has reached world advanced level. Currently, the only silicon steel used in transformers, insulation board, pipe and other imported raw materials and accessories needed part.

    Rapid development, a decade ago was unthinkable.
    However, power transmission equipment manufacturing in China is still big but not strong issues. China's largest power transmission equipment manufacturing enterprises in China's annual income of Western Electric Group, the international electrical giant ABB is only 1 / 20. Develop our own world-class transmission and distribution enterprises, need many years of effort.


    Made to create a new world height hydraulic support.

    May, supporting the world's highest 7.6 m height of the mine by using hydraulic support experimental observation Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group, to use requirements. The successful development of mining height of 7.6 meters large hydraulic support, creating a number of world first: the maximum height, maximum working resistance, a high degree of protection to help the highest. In addition, the application of high flow fluid supply system, surface spray, three other patents protecting network technology.

    "Three machine a" (boring machine, coal mining, scraper conveyor, and hydraulic support) represents the research and development capabilities focused on the level of coal mining equipment. Developed a high degree of support the world's highest hydraulic support that to some extent, China's coal research and development equipment manufacturing capabilities have been significantly improved. In addition, Zheng represented a group of coal coal enterprises has focused its attention on the core technology and key components, as the core of the core, electric control system of hydraulic support research and development has gradually made a series of results.

    Mining high-performance high-powered support can help the development of successful hand thick seam mining. On the other hand, due to space constraints face, thin seam coal mining in China is also a weak link in the ability of equipment, installation, maintenance, operation Dengjun much more restricted. Achieve safe and efficient mining of thin coal seams, the fundamental way out is to mechanization. Developed for the domestic need of the hydraulic support the thin coal seam, coal mining, transport and other "third plane" equipment.

    China's coal market prospects, but overall, because of our development level is relatively backward, and annual output of 600 tons or more of the large mechanized mining equipment are mostly dependent on imports. Group of large-scale mechanized mining of coal over 70% of complete sets of equipment from Germany, the United States imports, not only high prices, maintenance is not easy.

    Leading domestic coal enterprises have realized that we not only in the device "shell" on the make in the world, but also to the device's "core" to do the world's leading on. From this perspective, the domestic coal industry, machines and equipment remains to be done.


    High-pressure large-diameter welded ball valve made of the essay.

    July 15 to 19, into a high valve company in Chengdu, Shanghai Neles valves, Zhejiang Wuzhou Valve Company, respectively, of the 10 developed high-pressure large-diameter welded ball valve in Chengdu, Shanghai, Wenzhou, passed the factory Identification of cum acceptance.

    High-pressure large-diameter welded ball valve is the key to long gas pipeline is one of the devices, long distance gas pipeline to cross the deserts, swamps, mountains, rivers, geographical, geological situation is complex, climate, environmental conditions poor. To ensure safe and reliable operation of energy artery, requiring the valve has a higher reliability, tightness and intensity, the useful life of 30 years, the development is very difficult, in design, materials, manufacturing and other aspects of the proposed research and development unit a very high demand.

    At present, the construction of long gas pipeline, more than 40 inches diameter welded ball valve high pressure mainly depend on imports, not only the products are expensive and difficult to service. Natural Gas Pipeline to speed up large-diameter welded high-pressure valve of the domestic process is imperative.

    Prior to the first root of X100 steel grade, diameter 1219 mm, 15.3 mm wall thickness steel pipe spiral submerged arc welding, in Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. successfully developed and passed product testing.

    This means that domestic natural gas following the capture of second-line high-grade steel, large diameter, large wall spiral pipe production after the storm, but also at a higher level of steel production of oil and gas pipelines over long distances has made new breakthroughs in technology.
    The West-East Gas Pipeline Project as the basis to actively coordinate and increase the long pipeline efforts to promote research and development of key equipment, Shenyang Blower Group, Aviation Group, Harbin Electric, Shanghai Electric and a number of technological upgrading of domestic equipment companies have practice platform.

    Second West-East a total investment of more than 1400 billion, second only to the necessary natural gas steel pipe to stimulate domestic demand of about 300 billion yuan. The next few years, device manufacturers will be more wide stage.

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