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Huang Xiuhong by the States United States Physical appearance duty of Vocational Manager

    More than 200 reporters, more than 100 staff escort, a number of well-known sports brand sites, CCTV host Oprah ... ... This is the States United States Sports Strategy conference battle, also the sister of Huang Xiuhong Huang Holding Investment Group to the country president of the United States as the United States in glue stick the country first public appearance.

    Yesterday (January 19) the protagonist is not the States United States sports, only Huang Xiuhong. As a "master", Huang Xiuhong the second stage to speak, perhaps really as she said, was due to "very excited" reasons, Huang Xiuhong slightly nervous. But with the "warm" the end of the Huang Xiuhong "play"glue gun is also getting better. "What is the professional manager should do? Professional managers should do is to market the latest information truthfully told his boss." Sports in the United States described the country's development strategy, Huang Xiuhong suddenly thrown this argument, one time, media have attracted the audience whispering to each other.

    The reporters found yesterday (January 19) conference podium, there is another main warrior Huang - Zou Xiaochun brand name, but confirmed, Zou Xiaochun "unable to attend due to other commitments." Huang's wife had the famous cuckoo will take the opportunity to return, also proved to be only a canard.

    It is understood that Beijing Gome Huang Xiuhong, respectively, with the holders of shares of American Sports Goods Co., Ltd. 80% and 20%. This means that the shareholding structure from the point of view, the United States listed companies in the country sports and there is no association between the United States.

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