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Huadian Jiayuguan 10 MW photovoltaic project successfully completed

   June 15, 2011 morning, Jiayuguan China Huadian 10MWp solar photovoltaic power generation projects a grid cum, three foundation-stone laying ceremony was held in Jiayuguan City, west of the Gobi Desert. Shanghai Aerospace Bureau, Pu Tiejun, vice minister of civil industry, jump left, general manager of aerospace electromechanical,glue gun vice president of Shanghai Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony Lv Yulong, which marks the Shanghai Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of large-scale photovoltaic power generation to achieve new breakthroughs .
    Huadian Jiayuguan in Gansu solar photovoltaic power projects the provincial government and China Huadian Group signed a "strategic energy cooperation framework agreement," one of the main, is the planning and construction of Gansu Hexi million-kilowatt solar energy an important part of the base, but also State official to determine the benchmark price after the first grid-connected PV projects. The project by the China Huadian Corporation and Shanghai Solar Energy Technology co-investment. A 10 MW photovoltaic project in the April 25, 2011 construction, covering approximately 39.2 hectares and a total investment of 240 million yuan,glue stick designed annual generating capacity of 15.21 million kwh. Second, the three are 9 MW project with a total investment of 400 million yuan.
   The project is located west of Jiayuguan City, located in Sha gravel desert, the beach over the size of the gully, the environment is very harsh, Shanghai Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as the EPC contractor, the project works to overcome the large-scale, multi-process systems, technical Strong, tight, difficult problems, compared to the previous small-scale grid-connected power plants do more design optimization. Such as: the traditional concrete foundation to steel pile foundation, the foundation and ground to reduce the contact area and to avoid the large area of ??damage to local vegetation. Display area in the plant installed a self-developed by the Shanghai Science and Technology of single-axis solar tracking system, and new technologies for the two projects applied for a patent.
      The project put into operation for the construction of large-scale space solar photovoltaic power project has accumulated valuable experience, truly from the polysilicon, single crystal ingots, sliced, cells, components, equipment, systems engineering and power plant construction to complete vertically integrated photovoltaic industry chain, the same time, the development of new energy industry in Gansu plays a leading role. Solar photovoltaic project development and construction can reduce conventional energy, especially coal consumption, to improve regional air quality, protecting the environment, current projects, such as solar power as an alternative, annual savings of 32,100 tons of standard coal, reduce emissions of harmful substances, has great environmental contribution.

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