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The development of wind energy in Germany to make up for nuclear transformation vacancies

    According to the Global Wind Energy Council's latest statistics, in 2010, Germany installed capacity of 1493 MW of new wind power, second only to Spain in the European countries. As at the end of 2010, Germany's total wind power installed capacity has reached 2.7214 million megawatts, accounting for 14% of the global total, becoming champions of Europe's total wind power installed capacity.

     Germany's glue stick first offshore wind farm construction - North Sea Offshore Wind Power Park AlphaVentus.

     Vacancies make nuclear power wind power development

     Japan earthquake caused serious nuclear accident, so was even behind the German government announced that nuclear power plant shut down. Subsequently,glue gun people began to worry about how to fill the vacancy of nuclear power. However, recent news, according to the German Wind Energy Association, a subsidiary of the Fraunhofer Institute for wind energy technology and energy systems of the latest research, Germany 2% of the land can be used for the development of wind power to Germany's annual electricity demand is currently 600 million MWh basis, only land-based wind power to meet electricity demand in Germany 65%, stagnation of nuclear power to wind power make up the vacancy caused more than enough.

     EU countries, Germany has been the development of renewable energy in the most positive one. Germany has proposed that by 2020 30% of total energy supply from renewable energy sources; by 2050 this proportion will further increase to 60%. According to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology statistics, as of the end of 2010, primary energy supply in Germany, the proportion of renewable energy has reached 9%; 2009, Germany has 17 percent of electricity from renewable energy. Among these, wind power is a very important source.

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