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About organization visit hannover messe 2012

Visit to Germany and phoenix electric group, and other enterprises, notice

The relevant units:

"The hannover fair" (HANNOVERMESSE2012) in 2012 will be April 23-27 in the northern German city held in Germany. In order to better understand the development of international industry dynamic, further promote our country and abroad in the field of power technology exchange and trade and economic cooperation,glue gun promote our country enterprise competition strength and technical level, expand product export. China electrical equipment industry association smart grid equipment working committee will organize enterprises in the industry to visit in 2012, "the hannover fair", and in the same period visit Germany organization such as phoenix electric group enterprise, is the international development trend of intelligent power network are discussed.glue stick Now the matters related to notice the following:

A, hannover messe introduction:

"Hannover messe (HANNOVERMESSE)" was founded in August 1947, every year regularly in hannover international exhibition center is held, is considered to be the world technology field and contact the business field of one of the most important international activities, and lead the world of industrial innovation and development, is worthy of the name "industrial development of a barometer of the world". The last exhibition, have come from 65 countries and regions of the more than 6500 exhibitors. The proportion of the professional audience of up to 96%.

Hannover messe 2012 to complete industry chain as the main line, relying on the exhibition platform, exhibition industrial automation, energy, industrial parts, digital factory, coil technology, new energy vehicle technology, environmental technology and equipment eight subject products.

In 2012 China sure be hannover messe partner country, this is the first time since 1987 as GongBoHui since partners, 24 years later in a cooperative partners in the name of hannover messe, sino-german two governments to give the high value, and to give strong support, the exposition shows the new products and new technology and the size will visit is the history of the big one. Will enhance China in the world, and to further promote the image of Chinese products of foreign trade. Except when hannover messe eight big theme professional outside, China will also form a Chinese centre hall, show the national scientific research project in the energy field, such as energy production, intelligent energy network and system, etc.

Second, related exhibit range:

1, industrial automation

Industrial automation theme is divided into three levels: one is the process automation, 2 it is to factory automation, three is building automation. Covers the exhibits including all kinds of control system, technology and equipment, such as motor, electrical control systems and devices, power electronic components, electrical insulation materials, electrical alloy materials, wire and cable products and accessories, electrical accessories, electrical equipment and high school pressure meter, intelligent meter, transformer, controller and instruments.

2, energy

Exhibits range from the energy production to transport the entire industry chain, such as high and low voltage electric apparatus, transformers, frequency converter, transformer, circuit breakers, relays, lightning arrester, high/low pressure switch and complete sets of equipment, power generation equipment, new energy, energy storage device, new energy vehicle charging facilities, etc.

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