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Sinovel wind power: policy after the ebb of the swim naked?

November 23,, hainan province first intermediate people's court heard in public dalian guotong and suzhou beauty grace of superconducting company computer software copyright dispute case, sinovel wind power will be a third participate in litigation. This also is superconducting and sinovel courts over the first game.

With the lawsuit performance to slide

Previously, the American superconductor has set up a file in the China has led several lawsuits for sinovel wind power, including in the Beijing no 1 intermediate people's court to Sue for glue stick infringing the software copyright sinovel wind power, and wind power contract dispute and this sinovel about to Beijing arbitration committee submitted the application for arbitration. Recently, the United States and to the media revealed superconducting, has set up a file in the Beijing is advanced in the people's court sinovel wind power, glue gun accusing it of employees to steal business secrets. Earlier, the United States superconducting aspects of foreign issued a statement that many times, charged with illegal use of wind power sinovel its intellectual property, said the prosecution evidence in sharp wind power is the United States law enforcement authorities superconductivity and further investigation obtains.

Aimed at the United States superconducting pointed out infringing on say, sinovel wind power in an interview in, stressed that the root of the disputes from the former quality and service are not in place. Interesting is, even after the close cooperation relationship between both parties is to court, but for American superconductor is concerned, completely cut off the business relationship with wind power sinovel seems to lack courage.

"The United States has been sinovel superconducting biggest customers, a company's order last year sinovel it accounted for more than 70% of their business income, and once SiPoLian, compared with the loss of the superconducting undoubtedly the greatest." A wind power industry observers said, "sinovel and superconducting signed several a long before the contract, the prosecution is not completely, superconducting give up the big customer. Sinovel" It is worth noting that, although both sides of the battle with gunpowder, but the United States superconducting in previous a statement also point out: "sinovel and American superconductor cooperation in the past few years have been very successful. As a clean energy field between China and the us in a model of cooperation, the American superconductor and benefit from wind power industry in China with sinovel rapidly with the development of historical opportunity."

But both the "honeymoon" seems to be the end of the fuse is clearly reduce market demand and difficult market. Due to competition is intense, the cost of the whole machine fan has risen from 2008 yuan/kw, descend to 3000 yuan/kw, small profits. A fan manufacturers said people, for many of the fan after 2008 it, owner of low voltage across capability requirements, manufacturers must assume responsibility improvement. Sinovel wind power of doubly-fed unit transformation cost far higher than it part of the permanent magnet competitors direct driving units, each machine offer about 500000 yuan. "The overall reconstruction cost at least in sinovel hundreds of millions of dollars." The people said, this is already cannot ignore the cost. To transform wind generator, focusing on the inverter parts, its suppliers is America superconducting company. Sinovel wind power so hope will cost on to their superconducting company, but was rejected. Perhaps this is the wind power and American superconductor sinovel between intellectual property dispute over trifles and the origin of the friction. But whether the ruling is the infringement sinovel will continue to be paid attention. But a but the court makes the verdict against sinovel, the latter will face up to $400 million in damages to their cause a great influence. More rough is, recent sinovel wind profits plunged, inventory high, more frequent accidents because of equipment, all kinds of trouble.

From October 31, wind power released quarterly reports is three sinovel can see that many of the clue, performance fell sharply in the last year, and is expected to decline 50% year-on-year annual net profit will be above. And, it also had to face the outside world to the questioning of the capital chain. October 12,, sinovel wind power by way of a public announcement, say no more than 5.5 billion yuan will issue company bonds. The early in 90 yuan per share in high in the companies listed on the main is never absolute "super offering investors", but in April this year it announced that has 5.8 billion yuan the funds raised will be used to add company capital flow. To this, the chairman HanJunLiang had wind power sinovel, responded that the company has sufficient cash flow. But at present, its have as high as yuan inventory, is indisputable fact. Before the wind power sinovel half annals disclosure, the company in hand orders and did not sign the winning project totals 13801.5 MW, of which the order for 4114 MW, did not sign the winning project 9687.5 MW, and its inventory also is as high as 10.2 billion yuan.

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