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Electric instrument industry is one of the highest GuoChanLv industry

Electric instrument is electromagnetic measurement and control technology as the foundation, the modern electronic technology, modern information processing technology as the method, combining modern measurement and control technology of the basic nature, universality, the all kinds of static and dynamic, directly or indirectly electromagnetic parameters of measurement and control instruments and system as the main body of a GongChengXing discipline, instrument science and technology is an important branch of the subject, and formed the electric instrument industry.

Our country electric instrument industry after 50 years of development have formed a complete range, with strong scientific research strength, the global scale industry cluster. Existing backbone enterprise over 700, more than 160000 employees, more than 200 million sets of production and marketing ability, gross industrial output value 29 billion yuan of above; One watt-hour meter, portable digital multimeter volume ranked first in the world, and most with independent intellectual property rights, is one of the highest GuoChanLv industry, at present the export rate of more than 15%, glue gunis a strong international competitiveness of the industry.

Electric instrument according to GB/T4754-2002 national economy industry classification, belongs to the category C: manufacturing; Categories 41: instrumentation and culture, office by mechanical manufacturing; Of the 411: general instruments manufacturing; Small class 4112: electric instrument manufacturing. According to GB/T4754-2002 national economic industries in the classification C4112 electric instrument manufacture and national standard electric instrument product model establishment method, electrician instruments manufactures include: electric energy meter, automatic meter reading system (including table), electric power load management system, electromagnetic parameters measurement instruments, electromagnetic parameters analysis and recording, power distribution system electrical safety testing and analysis, power supply device, the standard of the device and calibration equipment, glue stickexpand the amount limit device, power automation instrument and system, the electrical measurement instrument and device electricity, other electric instrument product a total of 12 classes.

Electric instrument industry the main services range from the economic and national defense construction each domain, the main market included: electric power, metallurgy, transportation, mine, petroleum chemical industry, light industry machinery industries, and education, scientific experiments, military engineering, aerospace technology, medicine and health, environmental protection, standard measuring and other fields, power system demand for electric instrument product accounts for more than 80% of the market, to the demand of product of electric instrument decisive, particularly in 2009 comprehensive national power grid companies start unified strong intelligent power grid construction, as connection power grid and the user an important node, intelligent watt-hour meter plays an important role in achieving intelligent power grid "information, automation, the interaction of the" basic characteristics of key links and forerunner, implementation unification bidding, the policy change, a direct impact on the industry development space and electric to, to promote the industry of China watt-hour meter, has very important significance.

The exhibition domestic manufacturers mainly has: in mianyang city d bo electronics Co., LTD, Beijing PuYuan pure electric technology Co., LTD, xiamen Anton electronic Co., LTD, Shanghai kang Billy instrument Co., LTD and shenzhen, holy, electronic technology Co., LTD, fujian on embellish precision instrument Co., LTD, nanjing optimal times electric Co., LTD., high beauty measuring devices (tianjin) technology Co., LTD, Beijing were made HuiJia mechanical and electrical equipment Co., LTD, and bo electronic (kunshan) Co., LTD.; Foreign manufacturers mainly has: three and electrical project, the company Siemens (China) Co., LTD, Germany GMC, etc.

1, electromagnetic measurement and analysis instrument
(1) electromagnetic measurement and analysis instrument development situation
Electromagnetic measurement and analysis instruments, including electromagnetic measurement instrument and electromagnetic quantity analysis and recording two kinds big. Electromagnetic measurement instrument including: installation type instrument, portable analogue instrument, a-digit and the following digital instrument (including portable), a-digit above digital instrument, precision instrument, the magnetic instruments and so on six classes; Electromagnetic quantity analysis and recording including: analogue oscilloscope, digital oscilloscopes, handheld oscilloscope, the other oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, the logical analyzer, recording equipment, accessories and parts.

Belong to the enormous quantity of wide product, is the basis for the development of all walks of life means and an essential tool, has been our electric instrument industry one of the advantages of the products.

Electromagnetic measurement analysis instruments including electromagnetic parameters measurement instrument and electromagnetic parameters analysis and recording, these two types of products from analog measuring technique is to the digital measurement technology transformation. Digital installed instrumentation, DMMS, digital magnetic field meter, digital oscilloscopes development is rapid, digital, systematic and intelligent and graphical has become the mainstream trend.

Electromagnetic parameters measurement instrument is electric instrument industry traditional products, it points with the instrument and laboratory with instrument. The meter must be great with dosage, and laboratory instruments used in occasions and relatively small. The dominant production is mounted instrument and portable instrument. Portable instrument main have a multimeter and clamp ampere meter. In recent years the development of to situation, portable digital instrument needs more and more. Traditional electromagnetic parameters measurement instrument is pointer type instrument, due to the rapid development of science and technology, digital instrument gradually entered the mainstream market. Installation type instrument and portable instrument belongs to monitoring or measuring instrument, the accuracy is not need high, the user to this kind of instrument is not very strong desire of digital degree, so long pointer type instrument always also share of the market. To install type instrument for, because digital power monitoring system gradually promotion, especially large and medium-sized industrial and commercial power users and public places for electric power load management device needs, digital installed instrumentation will be a lot of the market prospect.

1) mounted instrument
Mainly used for online monitoring power parameters and state instructions, in recent years in digital, intelligent, instrument use interface, standardization and serialization, generalization is a great development, ZhongDiDuan products in serious excess, but simulation of indicating meter intuitive and the trend shows is digital instrument is hard to replace, this also is simulated indicating meter in today will still be taking a market share is the main reason. With intelligent power grid construction of the deep gradually, this kind of product market demand will gradually decrease, it will be replaced by intelligent equipment (such as digitized substation), and these intelligent equipment reliability index is far higher than the traditional electromagnetic parameters measurement instrument, and this can lead to in the substation link installation type instrument in the use of decreasing year by year.

In order to cater to the change of market demand, digital installation type instrument is developing very fast, it not only have the electric parameters measurement functions, but also can realize to electric parameter analysis, diagnosis, control, protection, and take simulated output and standard communication interface. In order to adapt to different users of the installation structure and the characteristic, can divide embedded and guide rail type two kinds. In different applications, according to different function, can Jane but numerous, random combination.

With the increase of electrical parameters measurement, this kind of instrument is no longer only measurement instruments, has expanded to monitoring instrument, protects the meter, and widely used in electric power load management system (i.e., industrial and mining enterprises and building and energy management system) and electrical fire monitoring device. Along with the development of the national economy and promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, glue stickdigital installation type instrument will get bigger efforts to promote and application.

2) portable analogue instrument
Portable analogue instrument including multimeter, clamp ampere meter, ZhaoOuBiao, is a enormous quantity of wide tool, in national economic fields everywhere, especially in the industrial and civil multimeter has been applied in many fields, and is the product of mass production, is the basis for the development of all walks of life means and an essential tool, it is not only the traditional products and high-tech products, to increase quantity in recent years.

3) digital instrument
In recent years, China's digital instrument technology development soon, at present, China's years of digital multimeter can produce millions of Taiwan, especially the cheap digital multimeter produce about 80% of the world's total output, ranked first in the world. 2009 although the global economic crisis, but to export influence is not very big, year-on-year drop a few ten o 'clock. In 2010 the export of digital instrument has bigger to bounce back. But our high-grade digital instrument technology is developed and developing countries product difference, especially high-end products we still rely on imports.

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