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« Large sea diving steel prices the lowest price in nearly three yearsJuly steel exports rebound is expected to adjust steel export policy »

Price war is no specialist lighting fittings industry

    Town of Dongguan Exhibition Fair lights lighting accessories boss Ma Yong some loss. He recently said in an interview to his consulting clients few booths, and raw material prices prevailing accessories industry, extensive production, vicious competition situation, so that his business feeling the pressure.

    The latest statistics show that in the next 5 years,glue stick annual output value of China's lighting industry will maintain a growth rate of over 20% of this growth will inevitably bring considerable profits lighting accessories industry. However, Guzhen Fair learned that, despite the upstream business market prospects, but as the lower reaches of lighting accessories company, glue gun is currently facing an unprecedented development difficulties.

    Price war is still the main means of competition.

    Second, in the ancient town along the town into the industrial area to carry special plastic sheet plants, specifically provide for the lighting, "acrylic" plastic sheet. Relevant staff revealed that the newly established special carrying more than a year, against the biggest competitors means that the "price war."

    "Of course, in addition to price, we also focus on quality." Carry special staff of the phrase, press the same area in the other booth accessories heard. Currently, lighting accessories for most enterprises, the face of rising raw material cost pressures brought about by the "price war" has become the main means of competition.

    According to industry insiders, lighting accessories are engaged in the production of enterprises, mainly in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places, among which the most concentrated, Guzhen Town, Guangdong Province. Lighting accessories business point of view from the product line, mainly metal, glass, wood, cloth, crystal, and a dozen, but the production of professional products for the lighting accessories manufacturers rarely, most comprehensive services to other industries. One reason is that the overall output value of light industry, small, the other is the lighting industry, low-tech, cut-throat competition have led to more companies to explore other areas.

    Several companies racing to grab profits PCT money.

    "The cost pressures from rising raw materials is quite large, the profits of the money for a few determined, and accessories business is rushing to sell." Accessories, a buyer from Jiangmen, told reporters that companies are now facing the development of parts confusion, In addition to raw material prices, but also include price competition, the land rising labor costs, poor marketing, lack of brand awareness, technology keep up with trends and so on.

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