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Apple store in China passenger, sales rank first in world store

    Apple's brilliant performance, partial remission of the company's CEO Steve Jobs sickness caused concern to investors.

   Local 18, the U.S. stock market close, Apple released the first quarter of fiscal year 2011 financial report: As of December 25, 2010, glue stick Apple's quarter revenue reached 26.74 billion U.S. dollars, up (over the previous year) increased by 71% net profit of $ 6,000,000,000, an increase of 78%, a record revenue and net income were the highest level.

   Jobs affected by sick leave, Apple stock is down 18 6.15% opening, but soon turned up, to close at $ 340.65, down 2.25%, far lower than the previous speculation that the 10% to 15% decline.

   Apple's performance in after-hours on a conference call, analysts did not ask the question about Steve Jobs, Apple has also not actively mentioned. Chief Operating Officer (COO) Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said the company's future, "very very" confident.

   Gross margin decreased slightly year on year.

   Tablet PC launch in early 2010 and in the middle of the iPad is no doubt Apple's iPhone 4 gold suction tools. Earnings report last quarter Apple sold 16.24 million units iPhone, an increase of 86%, to achieve the related revenue is $ 10,470,000,000; iPad sold 7.3 million units, iPad related income reached 46 billion U.S. dollars,glue gun in the Fortune Global 100 80% of the enterprises are using iPad.

   Jobs is not currently in position in the earnings report, said, Mac, iPhone and iPad sales have hit a new record, "This is a great holiday sales quarter, this year we have brought some exciting new products, such as Verizon version of the iPhone 4. "markets now widespread speculation that Apple will launch in February iPad 2, the second quarter of iPhone 5.

   In addition, sales of Apple Mac computers quarter 4.13 million units, up 23%; iPod products, a slight decline, sold 19.45 million units, but still account for more than Qicheng the U.S. music player market. Apple's music store iTunes Store revenues of more than 1.1 billion, the current iTunes users to purchase a day more than 400,000 TV sets and 15 million movies.

   Apple's gross margin was 38.5% in the quarter, while 40.9% over last year's decline, but higher than the previous quarter's 36.9%.

   "China's four stores in the world's best."

   As early as last September to attend Apple's new fall conference, Jobs mentioned in Pudong, Shanghai, China, the second Apple flagship store, said the Pudong is a magic shop, "I believe it will do better. "In yesterday's conference call, Apple Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Peter Oppenheimer (Peter Oppenheimer) revealed that China's four flagship Apple store is the Apple Worldwide passenger traffic and revenue within the best shops.

   Cook said, "BRIC" (referring to China, Russia, India, Brazil), Apple put in a few years ago will be the most important position in China, and put a lot of energy. In the first quarter of 2011, including Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, including Greater China sales reached 2.6 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 4 times, almost to the sum of fiscal year 2010.

   Currently, Apple 323 Apple retail stores worldwide, including 87 in the overseas, Apple in the first quarter, 62% of its revenue from international markets outside the United States.

   Cook suppress competitors.

   In the just-concluded International Consumer Goods Fair Electronics (CES), including the number of vendors, including Motorola plans to launch a variety of tablet PCs, with intent squeeze iPad living space, but Cook was not worried about this, saying that confidence can be against any opponent.

   Cook said there are two types of Tablet PCs, one is to use Windows, but "extremely cumbersome and expensive", battery life is also poor, but also the keyboard. Another product is the use of Google's Android system, "but this system is not designed for the Tablet PC, more like a large smart phone, a strange product."

   Filing shows Apple has now sold over 160 million units IOS device.

   In addition, Apple also revealed that with the three suppliers signed a 3.9 billion two-year contract to provide Apple products to ensure that "strategic components." "IPad sales volume is very large. It is clearly worried about production problems in the past." Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu said.

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