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U.S. market demand for solar energy in 2011 doubled over last year


     The latest study reports that the federal and local government initiative, the U.S. solar power industry is developing rapidly, the market demand in 2011 is estimated to double over last year.

     This report by the American Solar Energy Industry Association and the GTM Research recently released report,glue gun this year there will be more U.S. households install solar panels on the roof of photovoltaic devices, with a total installed capacity will reach about 1800 MW. In the first quarter alone, the United States access to the equipment installed capacity of photovoltaic power reached 252 MW, glue stick an increase of more than 66% over the same period last year.

     GTM Research Solar Research Center Executive Director Strauss-Kahn said that the current global PV industry in Europe is still the largest and most mature market, but the U.S. has become the most attractive market, the pace of development over Europe, the market scale will be very faster than Europe.

     He said the U.S. installation of photovoltaic devices share in global growth from 5% last year to 9% this year, this growth rate is impressive. The report also pointed out that although the United States in recent years about 2300 MW of cumulative installed photovoltaic equipment, solar power but also the United States the country's total generating capacity accounts for only a small part.

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