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Motor solar energy transformation Awards 2011 accept the declaration

        July 25 morning news a few days ago, the General Office of the State Development and Reform Commission, the General Office of Ministry of Finance jointly issued a circular in 2011, said financial incentives to alternative energy-saving technological transformation projects accept the declaration deadline is August 31, 2011.

    glue gun "China Enterprise News" has learned that in 2011 the major financial incentives to support energy-saving technological transformation of coal-fired boiler (kiln) transformation, heat and pressure utilization, conservation and alternative oil (only oil reconstruction projects, including conservation), energy-efficient motor systems, optimization of energy system transformation projects such as energy conservation. Liang Buwei requirements, the project has a sound commitment to corporate energy measurement, statistics and management system in line with national industrial policy, to be completed before the end of 2012, the year after the implementation of energy savings can be realized in the 5000 tons of standard coal (or more).

     Among them, glue stick the motor system involved in energy-saving projects, including the use of energy efficient motors, fans, pumps, transformers and other power equipment, behind the updated phase-out inefficient; the implementation of frequency control of motor systems, permanent magnet speed, reactive power compensation and other energy-saving ; using high technology to transform drag device, the operation of motor system optimization and control; transmission, distribution and other energy saving devices and systems.

     Under the new energy development and utilization, such as: use of solar energy, coal bed methane and water, ground source heat pumps, etc., but the use of industrial production of organic waste except methane. "China Enterprise News" was informed that in 2011 financial incentives to alternative energy-saving technological transformation project reporting is done by local authorities and energy conservation requirements of the organization in accordance with the selection of the financial sector, commissioned by the strict trial and trial by a third party audit agencies reviewed the project site , will be eligible to apply for project funding and on-site audit report summary report submitted after the national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance. Different legal entities reported to the project can not be packaged. All through the central enterprises under the project site where the company reported.

     Previously, Midea, Chunlan shares announcement disclosed that in 2010 won the energy-saving technological transformation of the financial incentives to reward amount ranging from twenty million to two hundred million yuan, mainly depending on the size of enterprise energy-saving and efficiency.

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