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International oil prices Zoudie domestic quietly loose Comment: help ease inflation pressures

   According to the Voice of China "peak evening news" reported that since the end of May, the international crude oil prices down to maintain oscillation of the trend recently has dropped to 91.14 U.S. dollars / barrel. April 7,glue gun with $ 110.3 / barrel price, a drop of up to 17%.

    International crude oil prices go bad days, has made the domestic wholesale price of oil continued to fall, the voice of the retail price down even more high. Some people assert that this sharp rise in oil prices is no longer the possibility of oil shortage during the year is difficult to reproduce. So whether the future of oil prices continued to fall will continue? Downward trend in oil prices in turn have much impact on the CPI. Liang Sheng look correspondent for Energy Economics Research Center, Xiamen University, Lin Boqiang interview.

    Reporter: Because the past month in China's refined oil wholesale price continued to fall, have occurred since the beginning of the oil shortage has eased concerns about the now, do you think caused this decline in domestic wholesale price of refined oil a main reason?

   glue stick Lin Boqiang: The main reason is the international crude oil prices, international crude oil prices is not oil refinery oil refinery, so I think this should be the main reason, can not guarantee the supply with demand, resulting in supply and demand side is not so tight.

    Reporter: Do you think the second half of next year in particular, the domestic refined oil prices if there may be a sharp rise in the likelihood of oil shortage occurs during the year?

    Lin Boqiang: can not rule out the possibility of oil shortage, because the peak summer soon to come, when the peak comes, power is not enough, the oil may also may not, especially diesel. Recently, the Government has already relaxed the import of diesel, the use of zero-tariff imports, may deal with this problem. Will go down may still depend on the trend of international crude oil prices.

    Reporter: oil prices down, including the extent to which the consumer price index for the second half of an impact do you think?

    Lin Boqiang: oil prices are relatively moderate, to maintain or slightly lower in the current location, but not easy, so just from this perspective, even if the cut is down a little bit, a little down after stabilization of inflation may have eased, pressure not so large, because the oil will lead to the bulk product, the inflation pressure is still very large. So if it is moderate or minor cut, inflation is definitely a good thing.

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