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China will have solar photovoltaic industry standards regulation

   Although China's solar panel the size of the industry has been ranked first in the world now, but there are still many flaws. To this end, the Chinese government will begin investigating the solar panel industry quality standards, and clean energy manufacturer to be regulated almost out of control growth. This news is published by the British "Financial Times" glue gun recently disclosed.

    This message also said that Chinese government is on some clean energy industry quality standards regulation. There are indications that the industry lacks a set of solar panels for photovoltaic components (ie panels) of the national certification program.

    "A national quality survey will start soon," Yingli Green Energy (YingliSolar) chief strategy officer, executive director of the China Renewable Energy Society, Ma-lu said. "China's PV industry in the ascendant, so this survey will help to promote industry standardization and the healthy development of solar energy companies."

    According to the data provider data from iSuppli, the Chinese solar module production capacity increased 2 times in the past two years, glue stick this year will reach 17.6 GW, accounting for global manufacturing capacity of 62%. Of which about 22 percent of capacity from the "three" manufacturers, they are most likely to be the impact of quality improvement actions. Analysts said that this year is a global manufacturer of solar boom years, prompting Chinese business people have set up small solar manufacturers.

    "Many people see this, then, we will cast millions, big make one." Macquarie Bank analyst Yuesefukui for that. "Some people set up fake plants, where they do not manufacture any products, but only to buy components, and then resold it ... or even to buy batteries, and then sold to the next person, claiming that their products . "

    There are authoritative analysis of the Chinese government to rectify the solar cell industry, may temporarily reduce the output of Chinese solar manufacturers and industry size, slowing Chinese solar module production capacity developed speed, but this may enhance the solar energy industry in China global competitiveness, the cost advantage with competitors from the West quickly won market share. Analysts said the Chinese government to implement the quality improvement of the main targets for the domestic market of low-end manufacturers. Because now China's major solar panel manufacturers have to meet U.S. and EU standards, a few years ago has been sold for overseas markets.

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