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Omron latching relay in Suzhou New Listing

     Latching relay in recent years developed a new type of relay is an automatic switch. And other electromagnetic relays, circuit plays a role on and off automatically. The difference is that magnetic latching relay normally closed or normally open state is entirely dependent on the role of the permanent magnet, the switch state transition is the width of the pulse signal by a certain trigger and complete.
     Omron Industrial Automation Co., Ltd., Suzhou is a professional high-tech low-voltage electrical research, development,glue gun production and sale of the business, the company registered capital of 5 million yuan, the total factory building area of ??4000 square meters, has more than 20 senior professional and technical personnel name, more than 200 employees.

     Omron Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, in recent years the introduction of foreign advanced technology and advanced production technology and first-class inspection equipment, magnetic latching relay to focus on research and development work,glue stick has a perfect quality system. Mainly produces low-voltage electrical power and air conditioning contactor relays, terminals, thermal relays, and other accessories. ISO9002 international quality system certification, all products have 3C certification, the majority of users.


     Company has been the spirit of "science and technology, quality, reputation," the development of indicators, a comprehensive attack foreign markets, we willing with the user to establish a close working relationship, hand in hand, create brilliant tomorrow.

     Company with the times, constantly developing new products in order to more rapid development. Suzhou Omron always believed in life, to be successful, innovation is essential.

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