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Huaneng Power International transfer of biomass power plants indemnities 30 million yuan


     Huaneng Power International (600011) announcement, the company intends to 106.3 million yuan as the transfer of the price will be 100% interest in Jilin biotechnology company Huaneng Jilin transferred to the company.glue gun The transfer caused by 33.5832 million yuan of investment losses.

     Huaneng Power International, said, Jilin biotech companies in the construction of bio-power plant is still in the state, raw material markets leading to rising raw material prices and disorderly competition,glue stick biomass power generation in the current price level can not form mature profit model, a loss may occur after operation, Therefore, the transfer of the Company and all shareholders.

     Information, biological, founded in 2007, Jilin, has main agricultural safety and build power projects and nine bio-bio-power projects. December 2010, Shandong Electric Power Group Corporation to hold the entire equity interest in Huaneng transferred to 139.9 million yuan. January-March 2011, the company achieved net profit of 710,300 yuan.

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