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State Electricity Regulatory Commission to further strengthen the regulatory reporting work release

     Recently, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission issued "to further strengthen the regulatory reporting on the work of a number of published opinions" required to raise the overall quality and level of regulatory reports, monitoring reports to continuously improve the relevance, timeliness, and operational guidance, better play in promoting regulatory reporting supervision, glue stick improve the regulatory effect, expand the positive role of regulatory impact.

    The paper noted that the preparation of monitoring report is released to perform electricity regulation functions of the important measure is to carry out the work of an important means of electricity regulation. In recent years, the power regulator for a number of social monitoring report released in stages, effectively promoted the monitoring work, and achieved good social effects. But there are also checks the work of too many activities, less effective and other issues, monitoring the quality of reports to be further improved.

    To further glue gun improve the preparation of regulatory reports published work, better play the role of regulatory reports, "Views" of the six requirements. Must first clear guidelines and basic principles. Guiding principle is fully perform its regulatory duties, to further increase the monitoring efforts, and strengthen supervision, information disclosure, enhance the quality and level of regulatory reports. Basic principle is that adhere to the law in accordance with regulations, adhere to the accurate and timely, adhere to standardized and orderly, in an impartial authority. Second, we must prepare release supervision as a prerequisite and basis for regulatory reporting. Around the country to focus attention, reflecting the strong trade and social issues of common concern as an entry point to carry out key monitoring, particularly through increased inspection activities and special treatment efforts, the formation of the intensity of regulatory reporting. Third, improved inspection methods. Reflects the relatively strong for the current problem of excessive inspection activities to further strengthen the inspection program to check the contents, check the power of co-ordination, checking the contents of the same or similar to the merger, to promote joint inspection activities to reduce the number of checks. In addition to the State Department will have a unified layout and uniform organization of special actions, in principle, engage in a nationwide inspection. Fourth, the standard regulatory reporting style and content. To comprehensively and objectively reflect the implementation of regulatory rules of regulatory objects and regulatory agencies on the basis of the results, adhere to the disclosure of issue-oriented, realistic targets to be monitored to reflect the problems, reflect the value and characteristics of regulatory reports, to avoid the mess of regulatory reports statistics, to avoid work written reports, studies or research reports. Fifth, the standard release of the main regulatory reporting and workflow. Electricity Regulatory Board released the report to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission regulatory filing, saving Supervisor's Office released the report to the SERC and monitoring report prepared by the Regional Bureau. Sixth, strengthen the supervision of the work release reporting the exchange of training. Improve the quality of supervision reports prepared release.

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