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High-speed rail hidden chain survey: one involved in the electrical business

   An accident, let the Chinese high-speed rail into a huge nightmare.

    July 23 evening to Hangzhou, Wenzhou Yongjia deep south line between two train rear-end events, resulting in huge human and property losses, glue gun and causes all of the high-speed rail safety issues of torture.

    We believe this is a systemic problem, high-speed rail companies in the chain can not escape the stakeholders. High-speed rail in China this huge industrial chain, which is the most comprehensive list of listed companies, we pursue the most valuable truth.

  Large chain

    China's railway investment in 2010 reached an unprecedented 842.6 billion yuan, a huge investment on the stock market has also spawned considerable splendid high-speed rail sector.

    Revised April 22,glue stick the "five-second" high-speed rail plan put the 2015 target of high-speed rail, "five-second" new line put into operation during the total size of 30,000 kilometers control, arrange infrastructure investment 2.8 trillion yuan, to the 2015 National Express Railway 45,000 km or so.

    Such a large investment, the former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, though not as planned 3.5 trillion, but enough to gave birth to a huge chain.

    According to the 21st Century Network reporter investigating the situation, the actual chain of high-speed railway in China to participate in the 32 listed companies.

    Among them, China North China South Locomotive and cars are responsible for the EMU and transit vehicles; contractor China Railway, China Railway Construction, EMU and accessories manufacturers Jin billion industry, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Maanshan Iron and Steel shares, etc. , information technology systems provider brilliant technology, the new Northern, Century Courier and so on. In addition, Oak shares, Oriental Yuhong, CTCI shares of listed companies.

    New companies are emerging

    In addition to these, which would have been little-known companies have also been found to participate in high-speed rail construction.

    Such as the just-listed in May this year, Good News Snapshots (300213.SZ) for this route provides a "MDS Media Command and Control System."

    According to the official website of the Good News Snapshots news, rail digital dispatch communication system, the railway traffic scheduling command and important contact information communications equipment, rail transport is directly related to production safety and performance. Scheduling can be the full realization of the railway station \ station digital communications, adapt to the future development trend of railway communication.

    The country's 18 railway bureaus, for a total telecommunications company with good equipment to thousands of units in the market account for a large share of the railway scheduling, dispatching equipment to become the largest railway supplier. Such as Beijing-Guangzhou line, Wen-Fu-off special, so special Yongtaiwen off the line.

    At the same time, though this record is a listed company Anda, but also in the accident were excavated. The accident occurred Wenfu line disaster prevention system is mainly provided for the KTK Anda.

    The company disclosed in the official website: "In July 2009, we undertake security Wenfu line disaster monitoring system integration tasks, we used only two months to complete the line of disaster prevention and safety monitoring systems integration, and is line "four-power" devices at the same time put into use in October 2009. "

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