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South "fever" more than Zhejiang and Anhui Jiangxi hit new high power load

     30, the Central Meteorological Station issued heat yellow warning to the South due to lack of rain on the patronage of the heat wave is still rolling in some areas, the maximum temperature of 39 ℃. Since late July, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Anhui with a new high power load, the situation is grim.

     Central Meteorological Observatory predicted 30 during the day, most of JAC, Jianghan south-central, southern, northern Guangxi, glue gun Chongqing, Guizhou, eastern, northern Xinjiang and other places along the Tianshan Mountain area has high temperatures above 35 ℃, which, southeastern Hubei, Anhui, southern , northern Zhejiang, Hunan, most, north-central Jiangxi, Chongqing and other places in southern parts of the highest temperatures of up to 37 至 39 ℃.

     Since the July 22 start, Jiangxi has released eight consecutive days of meteorological disasters heat warning,glue stick the temperature in some areas almost equal to 40 ℃. 30 CNS correspondent was informed from the power sector in Jiangxi Province, affected by the sustained high temperatures, since the 25th of this month, Jiangxi maximum electricity load has broken a record four consecutive times. According to reports, the Jiangxi Power Grid has "no spare margin", with the hot weather continues, the province's electricity supply situation is worsening at any time will start an orderly power plan.

     July 24, 25, Anhui grid electricity load twice a record high. Anhui Electric Power company official said this summer may be a new century of electricity supply in Anhui most difficult year, the maximum load is expected to reach 22.5 million kilowatts. Taking into account the extreme heat and humidity weather persists or unit failure, and other unfavorable factors, the next time the electricity supply situation may be more severe.

     July 29, Zhejiang electric power grid system call load for the first time exceeded 50 million kilowatts, hit a record high of 50.63 million kilowatts. Zhejiang Electric Power Dispatching and Communication Center officials say, 50.63 million kilowatts of data in the neighboring provinces to provide additional support to the case of electricity obtained, Zhejiang Power currently unable to maintain long-term supply of about 50 million kilowatts capacity, the normal power supply capacity is still about 46.5 million kilowatts, electricity situation is still very grim.

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