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Decrease the cost of photovoltaic power generation unit cost reduced to 20,000 from 40,000

    Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University professor Kim Yong July 22, said in an interview with reporters, with the slice, the development of new technologies such as energy storage, wind, solar and other renewable energy generation costs continue to decline, the development prospects.

    Jin Yong in the "city of science and the Second China Development Forum," said China's rapid development of wind energy, wind power installed capacity in 2010 increased by 18.9 GW, the world's number one; total installed capacity of 44.73 GW, glue stick which is the world's No. one. This rapid development due to "pass wind power technology, the cost is close to cross the border."

    Kim Yong analysis to build a thermal power plant investment is about 35 million yuan to 4,000 yuan, while the capital cost of wind power generation more than twice as high thermal power. With the technology, wind power costs have started to decline, prospects are bright.

    Optical and wind power will be similar. Kim Yong said that China's annual production capacity of photovoltaic double the cost down. The original cost of one kilowatt photovoltaic power generation is about 4 million yuan, has dropped to 20,000 yuan. glue gun Optical main raw material is silicon, the silicon thin-cut the more, the more the price will drop. The current can do is the thinnest silicon micron membrane. With the development of thin-film batteries, photovoltaic power generation will be more low-cost, development and good prospects.

    "Wind power and photovoltaic biggest drawback that come and say no no. Cloud covered the sun, photovoltaic power generation by 10 times; no wind, the little electric unable to pay. Fluctuated considerably between the two power , the impact of too much power, so the best use is to spread use. "Jin Chung said," According to the characteristics of renewable energy, energy storage technology becomes very important, the energy stored up steadily to the needs of places to go now, Tsinghua University is developing a flow battery, the battery is placed inside the vanadium solution, high temperatures can store large amounts of electricity, the technology still in development stage. "

    "Air energy storage is a storage technology that is doing a lot of container, when the compressed air and electricity to large containers. Americans believe that a large underground caverns can be closed up and compressed air power have surplus, stored in, released when no power to promote the generators, including flow batteries, air energy storage, including a variety of energy storage technologies are rapidly developing. "Jin Chung said.

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