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PV Great Leap Forward worry: Jing Ke Haining "accidental" pollution incident

   At 15:00 on September 19, Haining, Zhejiang, local villagers were reported "emissions cause 31 cancer, 6 leukemia," JinkoSolar PV companies, held a press conference on the "conflict with the reporter." and "solid waste mishandling" public apology.

    However, the same day, JinkoSolar King Zhaohui spokesman insisted the reporter, after the occurrence of river pollution incident "was an accident," the solid waste dumping Jingke and villagers have cancer, "nothing" and "rumor Jingke pollution led to the perpetrators of villagers suffering from cancer, "has been arrested.

    But the "rumors",glue gun allows the public "accident" found in Section pollution crystal facts. Currently, the factory has been halted Haining rectification.

    This may be just Zhejiang "PV Great Leap Forward" a microcosm of many worries. Many industry insiders said the reporter, at the local, business, "the EIA after the first operation," the examples are not uncommon.


    "Rumors" after the section of the crystal it is an indisputable fact that pollution

    The beginning of the event is the evening of September 15, Haining City, Zhejiang Province town of Hongxiao village a number of villagers, on the "environmental pollution", is located in the village to JinkoSolar Haining discussion to say the factory.

    September 17, glue stick Haining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Chen Hongming interview openly admitted in April this year, Haining City, Zhejiang Environmental Protection Department had found JinkoSolar's "Rain and sewage diversion is not complete", resulting in part of the sewage into storm water pipes , and the company issued a warning, but Jingke enforced.

    Founded in 2006 JinkoSolar December, the registered capital of $ 290 million, is the top manufacturer of solar downstream products, the main production of solar wafers, cells and modules, was in May 2010 in the U.S. NYSE market. Second quarter of 2011, its revenues of $ 350 million. JinkoSolar have two production bases are located in Haining, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Shangrao. The base of the predecessor of Haining, Zhejiang Sun Valley Energy, 2009 was only the acquisition of Crystal Division.

    JinkoSolar rhizosphere assistant to the chairman told reporters, located in Haining Yuanhua town red Xiaocun main production plant cells, a few components, does not involve the production of silicon. The King Zhaohui claimed Jingke currently has two factories in Haining, in addition to the factory accident, as well as preparing for a new plant for expansion.

    Previously, local residents said, after a heavy rain in late August, the factory next to the river crystal Ke Haining found in flocks of dead fish. The afternoon of September 19, JinkoSolar admitted Haining improper dumping of solid waste fluoride plant, resulting in the solid waste after being hit by the rain storm pipe discharge to the nearby river.

    However, King Zhaohui said that the pollution incident was an accident, Hongxiao villagers suffering from cancer and Jingke nothing, "the crystal section cut-off, completely out of the public's attitude, once the whole plant rectification. "

    Prior to September 8, Yuan Hua Town Hongxiao Sohn villagers in the online news release, results of physical examination in late August, red Xiaocun 3300 village, as much as six leukemia, 31 patients with cancer. September 19, Haining City Health Bureau responded that, from 2009 to 2011, red Xiaocun incidence of malignant tumors, respectively 8, 4 and 2. Currently, the public security organs have been Sohn administrative detention for 10 days.

    Great Leap Forward hidden

    The incident, or the opportunity to improve the level of environmental protection industry

    Although the "village Jingke sewage cause cancer" has been identified as "rumors", but the fact of pollution, and thus revealed to the world.

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