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Instruments a huge market t&p electrical steadily develop channels

In recent years, China's instruments industry have developed rapidly. On the one hand, the more fierce market competition; On the other hand, instruments and the intelligence, the network, toward miniaturization development, the rapid changes in the market environment test a many production enterprise. Yangzhou t&p electrical technology Co., LTD. With more than 20 years of professional experience, always adhere to the independent research and development production,glue gun not only do go on the technology front in the industry, and constantly expand marketing channels, in the most effective way to open the market fast, now more out of the country and the t&p this one brand will be to the international market.

Adhere to the independent research and development ensure product quality

It is reported, the present China's instruments in great demand, is one of the fastest development. The world the growth rate of the instrument is 3% ~ 4%, and China has four consecutive years average annual growth rate of more than 20% realize, some products have been accounted for one over ten of the world, glue stick export growth sharply.

Faced with such broad market, t&p electrical obviously relatively calm. T&p electrical sales manager in an interview he said, t&p electrical over the years has been slow and steady, adhere to the independent research and development production, make the key competitiveness. At the same time do from sources, tight control of product components sources, the production process of steering, strict inspection will be finished product assembly, commissioning, before they leave the factory, accurate proofreading aging test, ensure products' quality. All this is in order to improve the client use feeling, so as to effectively maintain and improve enterprise image and credibility.

According to the manager zhang introduces, t&p electric power test instrument in manufacturing, and high pressure test equipment have 20 years of experience. Years of accumulation and precipitation of the highly professional success today. At the same time, the t&p electric has been keeping pace with The Times, to create strong technical strength, it is reported, current electric power production t&p detection instrumentation products realize basic automatic and intelligent, greatly meet the operating requirements of users.

Develop diverse channels around the world

In guarantee the product quality, and on the basis of the t&p electrical also actively expand marketing channels, looking for a more effective way open market.

Manager zhang to mechanical and electrical online small make up said, t&p electrical a direct manufacturers, equipped with professional sales team and the offices all over the country, enough to ensure production and marketing two popular. Through the direct manufacturers, not only can guarantee our customers through the most direct sales channel for the benefit of real power test instruments product, can also give consideration to the product maintenance and timely after-sale security, objectively advantageous to expand the t&p brand influence.

In addition, in recent years the t&p is also actively engaged in network marketing platform. Manager zhang think, now is the information times, the network is a huge market, can not be ignored, therefore, electrical current t&p has paid much attention to the network marketing. According to information, t&p electric has been building up a professional network marketing team, responsible for the daily web site and various kinds of enterprise electronic commerce platform of professional maintenance.

And in the current instruments exports go high the good environment, obviously the t&p also hope to seize the opportunity to promote their brands and products, and now the t&p electrical products have been out of the country and to the international market. "For next year, we should not only occupy the domestic market, more to be vigorously exploring international market for the world, the development of the electric power industry contribution to our poor power". Manager zhang said.

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