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Kitchen electric and home appliance market keywords: safety, high efficiency, the health

See cold weather, market but have not so cold. Instead, with hot function of heating appliances in shen city common sales hot. The expert warns customer, the choose and buy heating appliances should attach importance to the safe, efficient and healthy.

Seasonal electrical appliances sale began in earnest

Since winter, on the market for "warm" and "hot 'home appliance demand increased dramatically. The writer visited several large home appliance sells to realize, glue gunlike water heater, electrical heater, washing machine, heater, humidifier are become market such as seasonal home appliance consumer's pet.

The author to notice, the seasonal home appliance design, model, function is emerge in endlessly, also have a lot of manufacturer for for market share, have introduced a various sales promotion,glue stick consumption has increased sharply stream.

Consumer wang sorted out a small electrical heater, he told the author, he often in the home office, this two days feel special cold feet, so he bought a small electrical heater for their own feet to keep warm, very affordable is also very practical.

In winter, the weather is dry, add home used heating appliances, consumes indoor partial moisture content, many families and office is equipped with a humidifier.

According to store sales is introduced, the cartoon lovely modelling the moisturizer for attracted the eyes of young people, and so it's most fire. At the same time, in order to give winter closed indoor aseptic, many humidifier increased dust removal, alexipharmic function, accept consumer favour.

The kitchen home appliance sales' health 'rising

As the saying goes, winter nourishing the most at that time. It's cold in winter, people are more willing to eat the food of the heat, but fat and became the trouble of beauty lady.

At consumers pay more and more attention to nutrition and health needs, many kitchen small home appliance started playing up 'health and nutrition brand ". Such as the market now sells more fire violet arenaceous pot, is the use of special material, hit 'breaks down fat, not greasy chicken soup "slogan.

According to establish violet arenaceous pot sales staff told the author, since winter, come and buy ask consumers increased 30% last month or so, and most consumers choose the capacity is big products so that winter and the whole family share nutritious and delicious. Because the operation is simple, also very young companion to chase after hold in both hands.

Safe, efficient, healthy pay equal attention to

Mention electricity heating in winter, many people to heart. Because electrical heater vintage electric heat, report on fire, fire incidents. The expert warns customer,glue stick the choose and buy heating appliances to basically hold at 3 o 'clock: safety, high efficiency, the health.

Generally speaking, consumers to purchase heating appliances to normal best regular brand sells the choose and buy, had better choose after the national 3 C authentication of the products have obvious logo, pay attention to prevent overheating, whether there is electric over current protection device, if used in the bathroom, whether a waterproof properties. In addition, thermal conversion efficiency, save electricity energy saving is also one of the electric heating of choose and buy an important reference standard. If the price is reasonable, consumers can also choose and buy a has antiseptic function of heating appliances.

At the same time, consumers should pay attention to the use of electric heating safety. The electrical heater power must be qualified, take use of ground three hole electrical outlet, not with high-power electric used at the same time. When the bedroom no person, must be unplugged electrical heater.

Many consumers have will be wet clothes on heating appliances roasted habit, this is not a scientific use electric heating methods, because cover items, quantity of heat cannot promptly send out, can cause heating appliances burned or cover the risk of ignition items.

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