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2012 China international coil, transformers, motors and electrical manufacture exhibition

Reason 1 (background) :
The market in Shanghai as the center of the background of Yangtze river delta region has been walking in the forefront of development of China's economy and rapid economic development, industrial economy has remarkable development prospects, in recent years the region automobiles, home appliances, electric, electric power,glue gun communication, IT, aerospace, instrument, medical equipment, electric tools such as the rapid development of industry, also will drive the form a complete set of magnetic materials and coil, transformers, motor electric manufacturing professional fields of rapid development.

Reason 2 (exhibit shows) :
The most attractive cities: as China's economic center, Shanghai has become China's first big exhibition city.

Reason 3 (exhibit shows) :
Meanwhile Shanghai is also the world's top 500 enterprises in China's camp, the success of the 2010 Shanghai world expo held, marked the Shanghai as an international metropolis not only for China in the open, more 6 billion people around the world service, Shanghai professional exhibition will attract the most foreign purchasers.

Reason 4 (exhibit shows) :
High level of technical exchange: from the association of the same period held high-level technical seminar and application industry exchange has become domestic and international professional personage to the annual big party.

Reason 5 (exhibit outlook) :
Our country is motors, transformers, coil etc electric industry production and export power, in order to improve our country motors, transformers, coil and relevant electric manufacturing equipment, and key parts production levels and electrical industry overall competitiveness, strengthen communication and promote technological progress at home and abroad, to broaden the market channel, improve the independent ability, establishing the independent brand,glue stick to promote the new product development, accelerate and the international community, and draw up on May 29, 2012-31 in Shanghai everbright convention &exhibition center held 2012 China international coil, transformers, motors and electrical manufacturing sif forum, the default 400 standard booths, exhibition area of 10000 square meters.

Reason 6 (exhibit outlook) :
Warmly welcome the Chinese and foreign enterprise and purchasing groups, experts and scholars to come to China's Shanghai exhibition, visit, cooperation, negotiate, and seek common development plan.

Reason 7 (exhibit shows) :
The exhibition advantage: the most influential organizer: the motors, transformers, coil electric industry such as the most influential professional social organizations and research institutes jointly hold and support, the purpose is to focus on advantage, to seek truth, make the enterprise benefit; Calendar year of experience: the last years of IEMCHINA exhibition, familiar with motors, electrical transformer, coil etc comprehensive electric industry, years of accumulation of the professional audience database are the actual display results of the powerful guarantee.

Reason 8 (exhibit shows) :
Make it become China's largest electric manufacturing products sales market.

Reason 9 (exhibit outlook) :
Professional exhibition held in Shanghai, will really attract professional audience all over the country.

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